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TRAGEDY                                             DAILY WISDOM WORDS

Tragedy can strike our lives, anytime and any place and at any point in our life.

I am writing on tragedy, for the positive I feel may come from doing so.  Sometimes in our lives, it takes the bad things to happen to appreciate the good.

What does Tragedy mean in the Webster?  1.  A serious “play” with an unhappy ending. tragic. disaster

Daily Wisdom Word MeaningAn “event” in our lives, based on perspective, that happens, with sad consequences, and pain that we take, one day at a time, perhaps one moment at a time to get through, from various perspectives, as it spreads to those that love us, but we all, eventually make it to the other side, and have a stronger, deeper, value for life that was not there before it after it is over. 

“Something Good comes from something bad,” is a “phrase” we have all heard.  Have you felt tragedy in your life, and more importantly, how have you handled it?  

Tragedy eventually happens to all of us.  Perhaps tragedy doesn’t hit you personally, but it happens to one of your loved ones.  I feel that is part of our definition of tragedy, because unfortunately, tragedy, bleeds over to those that love us, causing them, to be a part of you, in a meaningful way.  The exact part, of them we need to get through it to the other side, whether that be death or life, in some cases.  

Tragedy happens to a “person”, but as it happens to them, it brings the ones we are connected to, into the picture, whether this person wants it to affect them, or not.  Tragedy in some ways, is worse for those loved ones around us, then ourselves, and it brings out the best of us all.

I remember being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I was part of the tragedy as I watched my mother fight it, and had that Wisdom Card in my pocket, knowing she was and is a survivor.  I also was diagnosed with this on New Years Eve.  I knew after getting the phone call, what my first resolution of the New Year would be:  Fighting it, and I was very lucky, because I caught it in what they call, Stage 1b.

This meant when I felt the lump, it had just shown up.  Oddly, as I began genetic testing, I had a different type of breast cancer than my mother previously had.  I gave up smoking the following day.  It is funny:  Prior to getting this news, if you had asked me if I could just “give up smoking” I would have told you that it was just too hard and you were out of your mind, if you thought it was that easy.  When something like Cancer, gets diagnosed with Cancer happens, it becomes, a MUST.  I was able to quit quickly and easily. Additional Strength over and above my personal evaluation of ME.

When it strikes you, the you, what you believed in your mind previously, to be yourself, actually is quite different than how you might have described yourself prior to this tragedy, and you find, on the other side of it, that your stronger than you had believed yourself to be. I believe, in my heart we all are,  because this again, is one time, we “see the unseen”.  God, I believe gives us the strength to deal with the tragedy.

I never thought I had within, what I now know is there, as a part of me.  God gives to us the “exact tools”  necessary to get through whatever it is.  The STRENGTH WITHIN, is there for us when we need it. “God gives through you, as an extra dose of strength and the best coping mechanisms you could expect.

The day you get the news of tragedy, or it just happens, either way, as your processing through it you feel “numb”.  “Somehow with tragedy, there is the other side of it, and when your experiencing tragedy, it is hard to see the other side:  Why? Because you are busy trying to get through the moments of tragedy and when fighting it, you must remember, you WILL get to the other side.”

Tragedy is always a”long-term tragedy”because there are “rippling effects” from it regardless of what the specific tragedy is.   “This tragedy plays out over time, the kind of time,  that is measured with a Clock.” These tragedies often over a long period of time, allow us the time we need to accept them, allowing us to prepare for “the other side of it” good or bad.  Perhaps, the tragedy, is watching a terminally ill loved one slowly die, or them and seeing them, living through the pain and suffering, or fighting a disease.    One very important thing I see too, is that although we are going through this tragedy personally, I find, if we are the one personally suffering from the tragedy, it is us who comfort our loved ones, when we are sad for them! 

Think about this.  I understand there are those reading this, that have different belief systems. I will keep this as general as I am able:  Read the above, once again.  “We are seeing the unseen”. Logically, it is us, who should be comforting them, but they find even MORE strength to comfort us, and this in itself, is a “miracle”.

The wonderful thing about life, is that things do change, so let’s evaluate the Wisdom learned when we have/will/or are going through a tragedy.  

1.  We appreciate LIFE so much more, on the other side of the tragedy, which has taught us, that the clock is always ticking, so we value every second of our life, so much more than prior to a tragedy.

2.  We appreciate the Strength and Wisdom we have gained after experiencing a tragedy, for we are now, a different person because of it, a better person with another tool to place in our “toolbox in life”.

3.  Compassion, rather than felt, is GIVEN.  We now find we understand what Compassion truly is:        The kind given, and felt, but GIVEN, first, so very different than feeling sorry for ourselves.

4.  We gain Wisdom, from this tragedy, and we feel emotions, not felt, when our lives are on a day to day ordinary level. We experience a spectrum of true emotion, and most importantly, the purest form of LOVE there is:  The unselfish kind of love.

5.  When tragedy strikes, although I believe we are already connected, we begin connecting on a much deeper level, and tragedy brings out the best of who we are.” 

6.  WE all pull together, with prayers of sincerity, and we HELP our loved ones or they all help us, but we are stronger, “together”.  An unseen “LINK” that builds a chain, pulls us together, in a way we never had been with our loved ones, and they with us.

Tragedy, although not the happiest thing in the world, is a reality.  The six reasons, above, make tragedy a “daily wisdom word that is one of the most important words I have written on.”

We LEARN from tragedy, we give, not take, and most importantly, we LOVE as we have never loved before.

“Something bad, really does, eventually bring out something good.”  We also see the fullest spectrum of color in our world, when tragedy strikes, and something ugly, becomes, something of the past, eventually..Time does truly heal.  I have been in remission for five years from the Cancer, but I remember it, and the best it brought out in me.  SL

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