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BELIEVING                                                         DAILY WISDOM WORDS

What do you believe in?  Are you clear on the meaning life has for you?  We all get lost what we believe, and who we believe in.

Let us take a look at the Webster Meaning:  1.  to take as true, real.  2.  To trust a “statement” or promise of   3.  To suppose or “think”.  3.  To have faith, trust or confidence.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  A heartfelt feeling of surety we have when we think of something/someone meaningful, and true.  2.  What we are able to trust, in another.  3.  Core Values within.

I believe in many things.  I like to believe the good is there in all of us.  I tend to be naive at times, believing the best, and this has hurt me in my past.  Have you ever been hurt by someone  you believed in?

The ability to believe in someone,  can be found in and is revealed through their actions, which will guide and show us why we can or can’t believe in them.

There is also self-believing or self-belief.   How do we feel about our personal beliefs?  Are we firm in those beliefs and do we continue believing, in something with “Conviction”,  simply because we have been told what to believe in?

Let’s talk about self-believing.  Believing in oneself, is the key component leading to all of your successes.  What we believe, revealed, shows much in who we are, and our beliefs should match our words and actions that follow supporting them creating a Belief System within.  No, this is not for others;  this “ritual”  is for you.

Self discovery, is so very important, and I am still, finding that out.  One thing I think is true for most of us, is if we have something we believe in, and go against that belief, we will feel uncomfortable if this is challenged in some way, and feel, uneasy.  This is a positive thing.  Why?  Because you are generally true to who you are, and what we believe plays a big role in that, and our actions should naturally follow that.

“We also must believe in others, if they are going to play a significant or any role in their life.
Many individuals when meeting someone new, have “a wall” up, and that is normal.”  It is us, evaluating them and their beliefs, and after a few minutes, this wall begins to come down.

What about believing in another, so fully, after knowing them a good amount of time, and as more time passes, what they initially said they believed in, they really don’t believe, based on their actions? Do we want to associate with one who says the right things, but doesn’t live and stand by their beliefs, not knowing, if they are different than yours?  Two people don’t have to believe all of the same things, in any relationship.  This is part of what makes us different and unique, with a set of beliefs, that are your own.

Believing is so very important and as busy as everyone is, it is hard to find the time to be introspective with yourself, but it is a key element for success within you.

I am always open to new ideas, but my “core beliefs” are my truth.  I like to mention, yours could be opposite, and I would not judge you.

I believe, we can believe in what we see, but also what we DON’T.  What do I mean?  There are so many things in this world, that are beautiful, including you!  I also believe in God, and Jesus Christ, the son of God.  Can I see God?  Can I see Jesus Christ?  NO I CANNOT.

What is Faith?  Faith is believing in something with no physical evidence other than the Bible to share, but I know I “FEEL” God, and I know, he is watching, over me.  I want everyone to think about what you believe in and why, would be great to know, so please comment if you can find the time over the Easter Weekend.

I have seen the unseen.  I have felt God working, I have felt Christmas Magic, I have felt within me, someone guiding my direction, who knows the destination far better than myself.  It is a sort of an invisible GPS, and if I need a “ping”, I hear it, but we must listen to hear, and talk to teach.  2 ears, only one mouth..

The unseen is far more beautiful, I believe, then what we do see, many times because of the colors of our creativity we can add to what we envision, and the positive feelings the unseen brings like hope and faith.  It is more beautiful, because having FAITH brings us HOPE, and believing in the unseen, is a very big part of that.

How do you know you like or don’t like a banana?  You have to try it, to determine one way or the other.   All I ask of you, is to try once to believe in something more powerful in your life than you if you don’t already.   I love all people, and don’t judge them for their beliefs one way or the other, nor do I try to change their beliefs, but if your looking for something to believe in, maybe this might reach your heart.

 Try Converting your actions to that belief, and see if it leads to your heart.  Many people find, that what they thought they believed they no longer do, and what they didn’t believe in, they do now, as well.

If we wish to grow in life, we must be open to other beliefs.  I feel it is truly wonderful, when you talk with love in your heart to someone who doesn’t believe the same things you do, and you are able to accept them and their beliefs, exactly as they are.

There is always a “balance” in life, and I “believe” that applies to everything.  Keep your mind open to grow, and your heart open to love.,  Believing in yourself, others, and the unseen, is wonderful when I feel down, or am not having the best of days.  One who has found who they are and knows exactly what they want and they follow their dreams, realistically, and their core beliefs are solid, is a stable and balanced individual.

These people “create” their future.  They are balanced, but firm in what they believe in, and have faith and hope for others. They feel the unseen, hope, faith, and yes, love, of spirit, and eventually themselves.

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any thoughts or comments, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. and Please click on+1 if you like what you have read, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it.

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