I have come to realize that for every painted art or drawing there’s a story or memory attached to it and I was very keen to know the story behind this beautiful vase you see.

After my husband’s memorial service everyone was distant and as they (Donnie T’s family) left the funeral home, I didn’t even get to keep his ashes or not a single flower from the mountains of arrangements were delivered from all over the world. You see Donnie T Man was very loved by everyone and they loved me for loving him. This vase of flowers is drawn from my memory of the memorial that wasn’t supposed to be a thing. Donnie T’s wishes were no memorial! Not anything. Donna T Lady was very vulnerable at the time shortly after she lost her soulmate.

January 28 2003 11:58PM

The earth shattered ✍🏻🙏😥

The vase reminds me of how big my heart is and how much I’ve forgiven myself in the years that have transpired.



Donna Marie.

I guess I was right to ask if there’s was a memory attached to this vase. You see, as humans we don’t just do anything out of the blues. Even the smallest of things that we do comes with a reason.

See this: Memories.

This is Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. My name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. I’m a poet, author of three anthologies, podcaster, lover of art, and social media director at Daily Wisdom Words LLC.

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Picture Credit: Donna Marie.

Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.
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Julie Frikuj (@guest_9519)
8 months ago

a picture of flowers a vase that cannot replace a soulmate’s face
missing part of WE now and forever all eternity
etched in mind, another time…
hand in hand, heart to heart, thinking of you now, the end of before
a new beginning I abhor
change at stake, its new not great
maybe time will lesson the ache
clinging to beautiful memories tis key
a painting; a piece of thee
lovely flowers; a memory for me…

Julie Frikuj (@guest_9522)
8 months ago

thank you!

Active Member
@Tetrametracall1(@verde_mar) (@verde_mar)
8 months ago

Shared Smiles

Goodbye sweet tears of us
graced me with kindness
such was my life in you
how much we loved us.

My days hold you inside
memory paints you back
rooms throughout my mind
I never knew you like now.

Goodbye my sweet
our joy a vessel we made
like a jade vase of smiles
I saved for yours.

Last edited 8 months ago by @Tetrametracall1
pd_adams (@guest_9513)
8 months ago

Verse to a Glassy Vase Vignette

Your beauty endures my woe
Tho your pedals never go
forever drinking water
Orphans of beauty
Are you truth?
You seek. Yet
you lift my spirit
unencumbered, e’re
my days are numbered,
you remain for a new woe


pd_adams (@guest_9516)
8 months ago

thx Abuh; not sure how poems pop out of my head. I entered this poem in the contest. (I believe my Google Pay went thru)

Debbyk (@guest_9512)
8 months ago

In a heart shaped vase
that sits upon the table
ashes of your memory
live on with me here
Forever captured inside
lives laughter & smiles
a little boys dream
his hope for tomorrow
You look at me now
through the child’s eyes
that carries on your name
& the love he has for you

Active Member
@Tetrametracall1(@verde_mar) (@verde_mar)
8 months ago
Reply to  Debbyk

Beautiful, Debby. <B

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