I just want you to know that I cannot wait for a man to tell that he loves me when the feeling is mutual. I’ll meet him and profess my love to him.

That’s close to what my friend told me some years ago when we were faced with whether it was okay for a woman to woo a man. Before I continue, I’d love to state that I will be very sensitive to whatever I’m going to express on Daily Wisdom Words Picture Prompt today because it is about gender. I know you know that the argument of whether it is plausible for a woman to woo a man in the society which is not within the norms of humanity can be really painful and somewhat frustrating. If that’s the case then we may have to take a long ride into the inequality of the sexes in the world.

See this: Unashamed (a poem)

Trust me, if we do that many people that that you know as advocate of gender equality would be found wanting for sexism. Well, that’s not where I’m headed. Take a look at the picture above. The anonymous woman- could be you- is kissing a man so passionately that he in no time may pass out. The implication is that if the society wants to believe in equality of gender, then, this so-called restriction in emoting ones feeling should take the long ride to oblivion. But, it comes with a price.

Man’s solution to a problem is a problem.

– Abuh Monday Eneojo.

On a more lighter note, combination of woo and man or men spells out wooman and woomen…in other words, women woo men. Hahahahaha😊

Let’s talk about it today. Can a woman woo a man? Do you find it natural, unnatural or unnaturally naturally? I want to know. Tell me.

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.

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  1. Mary Savoy

    Can a woman woo a man in today’s day and age
    Many reasons why yes would take up a page
    A man is a person as natural as another
    Doesn’t matter which invites to be their lover
    There nothing unnatural when love is concerned
    We all have a fear of being spurned.
    The most natural thing to kiss a man
    At the spur of the moment without a plan.

  2. @Tetrametracall1

    Find your woo tonight
    She knows how to dance with you
    Appraising men and women
    You wonder at her glances
    She’s already got you now.


    • Abuh Monday Eneojo

      Sometimes I’m like “yes I know what he’s gonna right about” but somehow you smash my predictions on the wall. Well this tank…sorry tanka needs some getting used to since you are more of the 12-lined romantic poet.
      Above all, I don’t really feel the poem. Looks like something is off.

  3. Abuh Monday Eneojo

    Seconds may not suffice.
    It’s too loud for you
    to hear when I turn to
    do what many call taboo?

    You want me to pronounce
    what your guts dearly shun?
    Hell no! I’ll wait until patience
    becomes so impatient of its being.

    Maybe. Just maybe you’d
    grab her by the neck and
    choke all she has for bravery.
    Until then, I woo you still.

  4. Abuh Monday Eneojo

    Love is the essence of breeze in sweetness
    Touch is a rose of dews kiss
    Warmth is her sunlight
    Eyes like passion’s pool
    For beauty is the treasure
    In flames desire love grows higher #dailywisdomwords


  5. Ahmed Precious

    Hmmmm, we live in a society in which it’s unnatural for a woman to woo a man
    Unlike men who woo women with things that all eyes can see, women woo men in diverse ways it could be through her voice, her smile, her eyes, she may not necessarily buy him gifts or take him out but her appearance alone is louder than her voice.
    Although it’s unnatural but women woo men in different ways that isn’t known except to the individual

  6. CurvyRedGurl

    What is it to woo?
    To seek favor
    to gain the love of,
    you ask if a woman can woo a man?
    When women are programed to do just that
    From early on, taught to be pretty
    sit like a lady, bat your eyes
    wear just enough makeup to catch his glance
    run far away to make him want to romance.
    Some women spend all their time wooing
    trust that most know what they’re doing
    Those that don’t understand
    will be subjected to the violence of man.
    Male pride thinks their feathers bright
    but we all know to be pretty is to catch his sight
    The tips of her fingers on his wrist
    makes him want to touch her tits
    all a game of cat and mouse
    all in play to get that house.
    so when it comes to wooing, yes
    some women know what they’re doing. -Amberdawn (CRG)


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