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Hello Writer,

Take your time to view the picture cos it is a prototype of an artist’s imagination. The story behind the picture is quite straight forward. So, I was bored and decided to hunt for contents on Facebook and then I stumbled on this picture by a friend of mine who like me adores nature and finds peace in it. Her name is Akapo Elizabeth. She would be thrilled to see the beauty her beauty can birth.

I’d like you to view the picture, compose a Poem with these words Sunset and Desire.

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AndreaL17 (@andreal17)
5 months ago

In her mind’s eye is the most beautiful
and dramatic sunset she had ever seen
just seven nights ago

Right now, at this very moment,
she is filled with the desire to let history
repeat itself, and hurry down onto the sand

to watch the sun as it dips down below
the horizon tonight, although the sunset’s brilliance is
overshadowed by cloud, and the wind is swaying the palm trees

Ololade O.A. (@guest_6160)
11 months ago

Sunset spans the sky
fleeing the dark silhouettes and
inflamed in her desire
like an illusion watching the sunset.
A big dream…….a miracle desperately hoping for.
Watching the crimson sky
from one to the next higher and higher
To fulfill a desire –
echoing in her heart.
Here,hope might think to find what hope were of worth.
Hath not the sunset strewn across her desire?

NEEL TRIVEDI (@guest_6105)
11 months ago

Every sunset awakens a desire
Every beat of the heart on fire
Wishing slumber in your arms
Shadows in the sky emulating your charm
The sky winding down from orange to black
Fantasies arousing in a bundle or pack
How I wish I could capture this moment
And make it a vision so permanent!

Mr Bass In Your Face (@guest_6096)
11 months ago

In her thoughts she felt there was no excuse
feeling her flow she decided to cut loose
Getting into the rhythm of the task at hand
while her thoughts drifted off to a distant land
A boat floating, the mental path which she would sail
while in reality she navigated her path to excel
The desire to have the goal met
she only had time to write at sunset.

-Mr Bass In Your Face, aka Traemon McCabe

Curvy Red Gurl (@guest_6094)
11 months ago

She desired to dance in the sunset
a dream she fought for daily
working a 9-5 grind
weekends too, it was modern slavery
when you include the commute
it was more like 7-9
she never got to see the sunset shine
Always dreaming of more
barely enough time to write this rhyme. -Amberdawn aka Curvy Red Gurl

Michelle (@guest_6093)
11 months ago

I hope you remember me
in tidal rhymes of
of sunset desire
when waves of yearnings
kiss your starling dreams..

Clumsy heart beat smiles
sundered in change
to meet again away from pain
across miles in your
arabian desert shrine.

Michelle (@guest_6101)
11 months ago

Tidal rhymes of sunset desire ?
Or clumsy heart beat smiles????????

Kattt (@guest_6091)
11 months ago

In times of pain or regret
I retreat inside my head
I wander 2 that special place
the only 1 where I can see ur face
I set myself down on golden sands
watching the sunset with its rosy bands
of colour heralding it’s retreat from the world
as the moons desire is slowly unfurled

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