Quantity vs. Quality

Quantity vs. Quality

“Good things come in small packages.”


In the past year or so, I’ve began to feel like life is never about how much we get in life but rather, how pivotal is what we get.

If quantity was the ruling factor in leading an adequate life, there wouldn’t be a single rich person who’s sad.

And yet, we know that’s never been true. Everyday, we read about people that on paper, should be happy but are anything but.

I think adequacy comes in utilizing what we have in a wise manner. That, in turn, let’s us reap the rewards which make us happy.

If you have a hundred cakes in your refrigerator but can only eat one while the others rot and spoil, the remaining ninety-nine cakes don’t mean anything.

You could have ten cars in your garage but can only drive one at a time.

Judge what you recieve or have in your life by the quality of it, not the quantity.

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