Is there an ending to everything, eventually? Before we answer that question, let’s first take a look at the meaning of endings in our Webster Dictionary.

Endings-an end or final part of something, especially a period of time, an activity or a book or movie.  2.  the furthest part or point of something

Daily Wisdom Words Meaning of Endings-Places in our lives that mark the finish of an event, circumstance or relationship.

Endings, both happy and sad are a part of our world.  Endings are sad, especially when we have had something extremely happy in our lives and it becomes time to say goodbye to it.  For example, the time comes for a relationship to end we have enjoyed tremendously.  I remember a relationship I enjoyed immensely that had to end.  What made this ending so sad, was all of the potential this relationship had.  I had been dating someone who I thought was perfect for me at the time.  This man had everything I liked.  He had a wonderful sense of humor, our chemistry was amazing, our companionship compatible and I fell in love with him and he also became my best friend.

The feeling was somewhat mutual, moreso on my end than his.  He had a job with WAC-Western Athletic Conference and was very good at it.  We were already carrying on a long distance relationship as it was and it came to a point where he was offered a position even better than the one he had that would move him to Hawaii.  Obviously, the hour and a half flight we were currently making to see each other was one thing, but Hawaii being an eight hour flight and on an island was another.  I knew his career would always come first for him, and it was not even a matter of making a choice between me and it.  He had made that choice long ago, being the planner that he was.  This was the ultimate position he had hoped for with his career and he would be doing exactly what he wanted and it was long-term.  I knew we had to end things, later than he did.  This was a very sad ending for me, watching someone that I felt would have been perfect for me  and I was in love with move to Hawaii. It finally sunk in after he told me the news that he had landed this position it was time for our ending and no words were necessary.  I already knew where he stood.  He had made his position clear from the beginning.

We agreed we would stay friends as we always had, but the romance part would have to end.  I found out about a year later, he was engaged to be married to someone else.  Life has endings . It is part of living and endings like this one represent how sad an ending is sometimes.

There are happy endings too.  When life throws us a tragedy, such as what my sister is going through now, with tongue cancer, and all she will have to endure to get rid of it, is  so sad.  There will, at some point however, be some kind of ending.  This ending will be hopefully positive and the end of a horrific tragedy that took place in her life, she can look back on and know the pain is over.  When this ending comes, it will be a happy one when she is cancer free or at peace with this world, God forbid.

Endings are a part of life, and we need to accept them and realize when they are happening to us and realize sometimes we can’t answer the why for an ending, such as the relationship I described above. Maybe the timing was off and it just wasn’t meant to be or maybe his feelings for me weren’t as deep for me as they were for him.  I look forward to an ending to my sister’s nightmare/battle with Cancer, and pray it turns out positive.

After all, especially after hardship and tragedy, we all deserve happy endings.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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