“Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.”


Two years ago, I remember going through a horrendous experience when there was a tumor discovered in my liver. Not only did this put a strain in my finances but I also had to deal with other little nuisances like my hair falling out.

Today, while not grateful for the tumor, I am grateful for lessons the whole ordeal taught me, especially perseverance.

Life occurrences will be good and bad and there’s not a person on the planet who can change that.

What we can do is reflect on those occurences and see what good came out of them.

Admittedly, that’s not easy especially if the adversity is extreme like the death of a loved one or a nasty divorce or something equally traumatizing.

But then there’s a reason hindsight is called 20-20.

We can’t change the past. But we can definitely have an alternate point of view when reflecting back.

It’s all part and parcel of growing older, wiser and more mature.

And while the cons may outweigh the pros, there is always something good to come out of everything. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to see it.

How do you look at negative events in your life? Do you still feel bitter about them? Do you consider them a learning curve? Join this discussion to give your outlook on it.

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