“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

-Albert Einstein

How crucial is taking risks abd exploring new endeavors?

One way to answer that is reflect how you’re reading this post.

This article is posted on a website. A website that you’re able to see because you have access to the internet. And you’re able to utilize that access on some sort of an electronic device, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer.

All of these things are in our lives because someone at some point decided to explore a territory that was most likely dismissed  by the majority of the world before it’s existence.

Electricity, computers, internet and/or Wi-Fi didn’t come overnight. They came from people who consciously stepped out if complacency and their comfort zones for an extended period of time.

Understandably, it’s not easy. All too often, we’re afraid of taking risks for a number of reasons. If something you invested a lot of time and resources in doesn’t pan out, neither that time nor the resources will come back.

And yet, while reasons such as those are relatable on many levels, one can’t help but think what would happen if famous minds like Albert Einstein didn’t think outside the box.

We would be robbed of so many scientific elements like the ones mentioned above that today we take for granted.

So how do you find a balance where you can explore a new world and still not lose what you already have? I would say approach the risks step by step, all the while having a safety net on in your field of expertise.

In other words, do what you know and what you’re good at to bring home the bread. But never be afraid to try new things to bring home the dessert.

Divide up every endeavor with knowledge you possess and knowledge you’d like to learn. Use one element to back the other.

How do you feel about taking risks? Do you feel a safety net is necessary? Why or why not? Share your thoughts & experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

Hi, I'm Neel! I'm a writer (fiction and poetry), a journalist and currently working in the advertising business. I'm also a mental health advocate, having been diagnosed with clinical depression a few years ago.
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