“The struggle ends where the gratitude begins.”
-Neale Donald Walsh

The following scenario is pretty much universal: Most hours of the day are spent at home, writing, reading, watching TV and/or chatting on Zoom with friends and family. If you’re fortunate enough in which your career requires a lot of online work, you’re still working. When you step out for essential needs, you may or may not have some kind of mask on.

That’s the life that most people have been leading since the pandemic began. And along with that, quite fairly, comes a myriad of negative emotions be it fear, frustration, anger or all of the above.

And then there are those who probably have the same emotions yet are soldering on to and putting their own health at risk to serve us. Cashiers, mail carriers, delivery drivers and people in the healthcare industry have continued to put society’s basic needs ahead of their own.

This post is to say thank you to all of them.

If you’ve been going out to work anywhere, in any profession, thank you. If you’ve been delivering food or Amazon orders, thank you. If you’ve been working at grocery stores, thank you. If you’re a police officer or a security guard on duty, thank you. And most of all, if you’re in the medical or healthcare profession and have been working, thank you.

Most of the world has taken quite a hit economically as well as morale wise. The only glimmer of hope has been through the group of people who are still working to provide just a hint of normalcy even though that’s nearly impossible to have at a time like this.

So once again, to anyone who is still actively working, thank you.

Who would you like to thank during these difficult times? Are there people of any specific profession or industry that proved to be beneficial where you live? How so? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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