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          Wisdom Word 6-17-13        AUTHENTICITY

Each and every one of us have special, unique traits that make us who we are.  These traits are our
skill sets, our abilities, the way we act, look, and think, there is always something that makes us unique., and most importantly, who we are on the inside…

I thought of my daughter when writing this blog because she is the definition of authenticity.
She is” herself”.  When I say that, I mean, she knows her skill sets, knows her special God Given
talents, and remains humble and open-minded, without compromising her personal beliefs.

What makes you authentic?  Do you know?  Have you ever pondered over what you can or cannot
do?  Perhaps you can knit, sew, build a deck, cook French cuisine, make someones day, compose music, or perhaps you like to write, like me.  Do you know?

My daughter does know her skill sets, and who she is at 22 years old.  She is also aware that life
changes, and so will she.  She doesn’t, however try to be someone she is not.

She may see a quality in another, and admire, but she doesn’t try to mimic it or, on the other hand,
make fun of it.  She appreciates, the fact that we are all different.  I admire that so much in her.

Then, my mind goes to the word, “generic”.  We become, Generic in our ways, if we spend our time
trying to be someone we are not, instead of “discovering” what makes us, unique.

I know, even 5 years ago, I didn’t dream or expect I would be writing this blog.  You see, I was
using another God Given skill and wasn’t opening my mind, to all the possibilities of who I am.
However, life changed, and with it, my circumstances.

I no longer could use that skill set, and I prayed, and prayed, for God to lead me in a new direction.
One day, I LOOKED in front of me, and there stood my daughter, having a conversational debate, and I watched, as she stood her ground on what she believed in, without offending or compromising her integrity, and at the same time, she was respectful of the other persons opinion.

Where am I going with all this?  I noticed, my daughter was authentic.  She, at that moment, showed me my answer of what I still could do, and that, was to share with whoever might read this, my authentic ism, through another skillset that made me unique, completely different from my previous one.

I dug inside myself and remembered I loved to write, poetry, and perhaps I may have taught my daughter to find her skillsets, but that day, she taught me I hadn’t explored all of mine, and I had an opinion too!

I hope you will appreciate my “take” on the word, authenticity.  SL

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8 years ago

This is really good!

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