Wisdom Words for 6-15-13 by Samantha LeBoeuf             EGO


We all, as Freud said, have an Ego.  Today, I am going to share with you, my opinion of the Ego.  I have an acronym I’ve
created, for the EGO: Emitting God Ourselves
 Why do I use these words to explain, the definition of Ego?

For me to explain that, I am going to get Webster’s help with the definition of the words, and put them together, so you can hopefully understand
my thinking.  Webster’s definition of ego:  The self, as distinguished from others.  Ego also serves as the conscious mediator between the person and reality. (summation)
My definition of our egos in control of our lives and our being, to the extreme.
Emit-ting:  To give off, or out.  To put into circulation.
God:  The meaning of Love and life;  he created our heart and soul
Ourselves:  Sad, but we at various points in our lives, or all the time, are try to run the show, and believe we are “in control”..

Ego, is a very tricky part of our personality.  We need some of it as it does interact with self esteem, self worth,  and yes, our reality, but, it does not GIVE you all of those things.  All it does, is help you “present” to the outside world, the make-up you wear on your face.  The ego helps us emit the idealized part of ourselves, and hide our insecurities.  ( we all have them, whether we admit it or not) and the part of us, we feel is missing from our reality.
we feel is missing.

Why do we use it?  When we are trying to control things in our lives, or feel out of control, or completely IN control.  Imagine how a Surgeon feels when he does a successful heart surgery, or a Physician saves a patients life, or perhaps, someone such as Bill Gates, the Founder of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

There is a big difference with goal setting and organizing, and planning your future.  When we play the role of God, however, we are acting as the Compass.  God wants us to draw the map and have goals, and dreams;  However, he needs to be the one steering the direction your life takes.  How much EGO do you operate off of?  When we love ourselves, more than we love God, we are exhibiting our ego.  When we play Controller as we live our lives, we again, are operating off of EGO.

The opposite word of EGO?  HUMILITY.  The best definition of this?  My son.  He is very successful in life, and always has been, and does very well for himself at 25 years old, and I have to be careful, because he has so many accomplishments, and he wouldn’t want me saying more than that.

I  asked him earlier,  if he minded if I used him in my blog.  His reaction?  “Mom, please don’t say any specifics”.  He is extremely humble.
He does not need to cover up his personality or create his reality, or feel in control, or brag about his accomplishments.  These wonderful traits are exhibited through his actions, and kindness in life.  He is able to operate from a position of strength, without “flexing his muscles”. (I am a little skewed, Lol)

  Lets all take a moment and ask ourselves, where we’re at with our ego.  Do we understand egotism?  Do we believe humility is the best reflection of true success?:  Finally, Do we believe success lives within our hearts and souls, not the amount in our checking accounts?  SL

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