Do you have “balance” in your life?  What do I mean, when referring to balance?  Living a life, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, on a forward path making important “Life choices”  benefiting yourself and others.

Many people including myself, lose focus from time to time doing their very best to maintain true balance in their lives.  What are your priorities in life, starting with your top one?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of “balance”, is a circle, divided in a pie, placing a percentage of what your ideal balance would be, in each important area of your life, (one piece of the pie for each priority), divided into a percentage, for each piece, labeling each piece, with top priorities, and ideally the percentage of the role you would like each priority to play in your life.  God, family, work, social, alone time, relationships, Etc.,

I am hoping this makes sense, because, just taking the time to list your priorities, and labeling each  piece of the pie you’ve allotted, in the circle with each of them, with a percentage of each priority, ideally, you will be able to place a percentage in each piece and recognize how many pieces, you need to divide the pie in, for the number of pieces, listing top priorities in your life. Next, place a percentage you feel each priority should play in your life, ultimately totaling 100%.
If your looking to gain insight in your life, this exercise is a guide leading you towards better balance in your life.
I hope there is a valuable message in what I just wrote, because there is only, “one you”, so 100% is all you have to give!   The outcome will be interesting, and also, enlightening.   I think it is worth taking the time to reveal what you want out of your life.

First, make a list of your top priorities. Then, simply get a blank piece of paper, draw two large circles, divide it into a pie, with as many pieces you feel necessary to label each of your priorities in life;  enter an estimated percentage in the pie pieces, totaling 100 percent, and the percent you feel it belongs in your life, for optimal balance.  There is only one “you”, so 100% is all you have to give!

Next, Divide the second circle, into the same number of pieces of your top circle, defining in reality, what percentage the priority, actually plays, and assign the correct percentage to each piece of pie,  your reality truly is.

If your circles look like mine did, there will be a clear, definite difference, in each priorities’ percentage when comparing the ideal circle with the real circle!

Part, of obtaining balance in your life, is to take the time you deserve, to discover what areas of your life, you would like to make change happen in your life.  Balance is crucial to maintaining a healthy life, and any behavior you have, which is excessive, repetitive, or possessive, which there is a pattern of behavior,  means it is time for a change!

ONLY YOU can make these changes.  Remember: crawling leads to walking leads to running, and one step at a time, is the only way you can make change happen with minimal discomfort and a better chance to develop new habits.

It takes 21 days of repeating a behavior, like exercise, to reset the brain, so the new behavior becomes a habit.  The brain looks for patterns, always, and 21 days, is approximately how long it does take, to see a real change in our behavior.

If, we are actively working to maintain a balance with each of our priorities, in our” toolbox in life”, we conquer challenges and channel crucial change, with “wisdom filled choices.   SL

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