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Conviction is a feeling we have when we absolutely, without any doubt, believe in something, someone,

or a cause of some kind, and the stand we take, or the feeling of conviction about something, virtually never, can be swayed.  Conviction can also mean the outcome of a trial in a court of Law.  
However, I believe, with all the conviction, in my heart, that knowledge, is power.  I also believe with all the conviction I have in my heart, that things “happen for a reason”.  
Conviction, is belief, with passion.  A passion, so strong, it comes from our heart and soul.
Conviction, rarely can’t be shaken.  I believe also, with conviction, in what I am doing, and I hope that my words convey this when writing daily wisdom words.
FYI, I purchased the domain name, dailywisdomwords.com, and am attempting to build a website.  We will see how much of a role, conviction will play in building a website, that I know absolutely nothing about!  However, I have a strong belief and conviction, that somewhere, someone will read my words and it will help them is some way.

Conviction, is a very powerful wisdom word.  I believe when we feel so strongly, with conviction, something isn’t right, then 99.9% of the time we are right.  Conviction is also processed in liason with passion, instinct and intuition.  These are our “tools in our tool book of life,” and the more we are prepared, the better we will adapt to all change in life, because that is the one certain thing we know.  Things will change, and hold on to your passion and conviction.

Too often, we are passive, and don’t share something we feel strongly about.  I was in a situation like that recently.  I believed with all my heart and soul, my friend’s brother, who she had an apartment with, abused her verbally, and because she looked up to him as her big brother, I felt, he was taking advantage of that in a negative manner.  Every single time he made a dig, or stab of some kind towards her, she would take it, and along with him getting away with dishing it out, he took a little piece of her self esteem, and threw it right out the window by abusing her verbally and emotionally.

I thought, and I prayed, and didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to judge, and I also was afraid she would be mad at me for talking about her brother.

One day, she mentioned, feeling low and worthless to me.  I said, ” we are who we surround ourselves with”, and you are stooping to your brothers level, and I felt such a strong conviction, when I told her exactly how I felt, about her brother abusing her verbally.  I gave her specific examples of things he said, and spoke strong, direct, but kind, while doing so.  She listened intently, and she said,  “Samantha, Thank you for sharing with me how you feel, and I hadn’t noticed this, or that, and you are right.  My words were coming from the heart for my friend, and she had an, aha moment, as they say, because she really couldn’t see the forest through the trees, as she wasn’t looking, and realized at that moment, that he was playing a role in the way she felt about herself, because she was not setting proper boundaries.

There are times when it takes “conviction from the heart” and wisdom with timing, and speaking up for the things you believe in.  Put, “conviction in your toolbox for life”.  SL

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