What is Courage and bravery and why do you need to have it in my book? Let us first take a look at the meaning of Courage/bravery in our Webster Dictionary and see its definition Courage-1. ability to conquer fear or despair


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1. The ability to overcome your fears personal and otherwise based on your capability to do so.


My definition of courage 24 hours ago would have been a little different, but a friend pointed out mentally ill patients and we are going to exclude them from this strict meaning because they face having courage everyday by overcoming what they deal with internally. It is very difficult when your using all of your courage battling mental illness.


Courage/Bravery, for most of us, however is the ability to overcome fear of any kind and come out the other side. It is the ability to be a winner with yourself. It is the ability to do so by dealing with a very fearful situation, whether it be day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and get through that situation as a hero.


Courage and bravery are also about fearlessness. It is about one dealing with a situation like this and getting through it even though it is fearful and scary. Patients with mental illness do this at times minute by minute or they don’t have the ability to control things at all. I want to again specify that their definition of courage, although the same, is based on a different set of criteria.


I will use an example in a friends life where I thought they exercised an immense amount of courage. They begin having abdominal pain and went to the doctor. The doctor performed tests and found out this friend had stage four pancreatic cancer. She dealt with it like the courageous hero she is. She fought it, was given 10-15 years to live, and she fought hard. She is still alive and healthy today. She not only exercised that courage, she came out the other side a hero and that is what she is to me…


Another example is someone living with depression and anxiety. In their own way, they are a hero themselves because they fight this battle everyday and there is no “ending” or coming out the other side; just the other side of one attack of it, only to go through it again and again. These people are heroes as well, because they battle through these attacks and come out the other side, only to deal with them again and again and come out a winner again and again.


What are some constructive things we can all do to be more courageous and brave?


  1. face your fear in “its face”. look at your situation, stand back from it and be as objective as possible, realize what your capable of doing. You may not be able to overcome that fear right away, but by playing the situation out in your mind over and over, and VISUALIZING yourself coming out the other side, you have a much better success face.


  1. Realize that everything has a beginning, middle and end. Your situation or at least for the moment will end, and you will get through it to the other side of the problem. You have a choice so why not choose to exercise courage with the problem as my friend did, and get to the other side.


  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. If your dealing with a long term situation in life, and you feel you can’t overcome it, that is OKAY. It is better to be bigger and stronger and reach out for help if you feel yourself cracking under pressure. That, by the way, is an example of a hero to me as well.


  1. After you get through it to the other side, and it is over, temporarily or permanently, give yourself some credit. It took a lot of strength to get you to the other side and get through the problem and you need to see just how strong you were and give yourself a pat on the back.


Last, courageous people are not born everyday. Most of the time, they are made, built out of character and strength.


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Thank you so much for reading.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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