We all have good and bad impulses. At what point does a good impulse turn into a bad one or vise-versa?


Let us first take a look at impulses and what the word means in our Webster Dictionary 1. Impulses-A force that starts a body in motion also, the motion produced by such a force. 2. An arousal of the mind and spirit into some unpremeditated action. 3. Nerve impulses


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1.-that which the body nor mind has any control over. Nerve impulses telling the brain what to do and the brain following suit.


There are good and bad impulses. One example of a good impulse is something such as a compliment. A genuine compliment is given out of impulse, where as something that is thought out and processed can be genuine but the person is aware they are giving it. An example of an impulse that cannot be controlled would be that of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which can be controlled with medication.


Another example of an impulse is one I have for example. Right before I start laughing, my nose scrunches up and it isn’t something I can help. Because impulses, no matter what they are, cannot be controlled, we need to do our best not to be judgmental of them, or judge ourselves too harshly for having them. They are what they are-impulses and we need to realize that impulses are something a person cannot have control over.


Impulses happen when our body reacts to a force or motion when our nerve endings misfire to or from the brain. Understanding this does not help us however, when it comes to impulses. The best thing we can do is do our best if we are watching another react on one, not to respond too hastily ourselves.


What if the impulse is a positive one such as a suggestion from a friend out of the clear blue for the two of you to go run five miles? Well, use your best judgement in this case realizing that the neurotransmitters are operating out of control in their body as well and they may not be up for it in the long run. My best advice is to use common sense when it comes to others impulses and your own.


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Thank you so much today for reading and I hope this post finds you blessed and warm.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader




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