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Life, is full of challenges.   Yesterdays wisdom word was, “perspective”.

Challenges, are as always, tenuous and sometimes scary.  Challenges are a necessary part of life.  Challenges make us feel alive! Challenges, generate a pyramid of emotions.  These emotions can make us feel fearful, excited, and once achieved, exhilarated!  It is the perspective in which we look at a challenge, which makes us or breaks us.

What do I mean?  I will talk about a current situation that I am going through to explain.

My daughter just picked a venue for her wedding.  Now, as I am going along with this, I have to tell you first of all, I love my future son-in-law.  He is nothing short of amazing, and I love my baby girl with all of my heart, and she ALWAYS be, just that.  He has a job, which most likely will take them out of state in just a little over a year, and it is a HUGE challenge to let her go.

Remember, I just started my motivational column two weeks ago, so some of this, we are going to make up some aspects of this, as I go along.  Apparently, I have been writing about a wisdom word each day, that seems to lead to the inspiration for the following days word.  I will be highlighting any previous wisdom words, I have written about, in case you choose to go back and see my perspective, on previous wisdom word posts .

Back to this wisdom word, challenge.  Honestly, other than my son leaving the state after graduating high school, to attend college when he was barely 17 years old, this is a HUGE challenge for me, because I can’t help but feel scared that I am losing her.  Somehow when she solidified where her wedding would be, it became a reality.

I have to challenge myself, to change my thinking.  God has a plan and he controls the winding road map, he made for each of us.  Also, I am gaining another son!

What challenges are you facing in your life today?  First, be clear and concise knowing what that challenge is.  Picture yourself, overcoming any obstacles you perceive with this challenge.
If, your a winner, and I believe all of us are in our own way, you will face the challenge, and rise to the occasion.

 Think about the LACK of emotion and growth you would lose, if we did not have challenges.  Something can be learned from each one, and the interesting thing about it?  Each Challenge is a
 “Building Block” you need, to grow and face the next one.

Many challenges await us all.  I believe Challenge is God’s Growth Goal for each of us.

With the proper perspective, (I will NEVER lose the special relationship and love I have with my baby girl), I can view this as the OPPORTUNITY for future grandchildren, and a new addition, my son in law, who is already a wonderful part of my family.

Last, I think, we need to view each challenge as an opportunity.  Life would be so dull without facing challenges and overcoming them, and doing it, successfully, taking advantage of the opportunity to grow.  Welcome them.  The saddest thing to see, is someone who allows FEAR, (false evidence appearing real), to control their life, and therefore, by default, is a coward because they allow this fear to control them.  God does give us the ability to choose.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, if it is meant to be, it will happen”.  I say, the best things in LIFE are the hardest worked for, and that always involves a BIG CHALLENGE, and the opportunity to master each obstacle, with the right perspective.  This is what being an “extraordinary person” is all about.  SL

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