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When you wake up in the morning, what is your first thought?  Is it, “OMG,  I have so much to do at work today, how will I get through it all? (esp., on Mondays, right?)

Perspective is everything.  What IF, you tried, just once, thinking about what I am writing today, waking up, and changing your perspective?  Perhaps, something like this:  “Great! it is Monday.  I am going to accomplish all I need to for work today,  and I have 5 days, including this one, to get it all done.  I am confident, I will make it happen, and I am going to enjoy, working with the attitude of finding a “solution”.

We all do this, and I feel 100% sure, if we spent our time, focusing on the “solution”, rather than the problem itself, we would save time, energy, and work with ease, using the same technique each time, with every circumstance.  Funny, I can write the answers, but I have had to learn to do this.

Everything in our thought process is a pattern.  a Habit Pattern.  IF, we reprogram our brains, so to speak, we can look at anything with a positive perspective, and that changes EVERYTHING.
By doing just that, analyzing our thought process, we will be able to catch the negatives, and stop those thoughts, by replacing them with a positive one.

I sometimes think, all of us don’t focus on our perspective on things, enough, and believe me, this is a powerful “wisdom word”.  It can change your world, simply analyzing your thoughts, stopping the negative ones, as were reacting to a situation, then, replacing those thoughts with positive ones, we begin focusing on the solution to the problem and not how overwhelming the problem is, or how much bigger we make it, no matter what category it falls under.

What about our personal interaction with others?  Do we focus on the positive characteristics of the other person, or do we spend our time trying to change what we think should be changed.  By changing your perspective on how you look at the people you have personal relationships with, you, will, by trying just 2 simple things, improve these relationships dramatically.  Is the glass half empty, or half full?

My perspective, can easily be skewed.  I literally have to check my thought process and think about the very first thought I had to begin my day.  I go back and ask myself, if I woke up and thought of just one positive thing for the day that would occur whether it be a television show coming on that evening, or the thought I will be going out for lunch that day.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to follow the directions for the day you’ve given yourself.  What do I mean?  Start your day, with a prayer, followed by a specific list of what you will accomplish for that day, envisioning yourself completing each task in your mind.  When your making your list, write each
item needing to be completed as an affirmation.  For example, lets say you have to complete a report.  Write your to do list in “affirmation format”.

What is affirmation format?  You would write down finishing the report in this manner:  “I enjoy completing the xyz report by 1:00pm today, and then “visualize” your feelings of relief and happiness and actually see in your mind, you, giving that FINISHED report to whomever it is supposed to be given to.

The extra 15 minutes, out of your day, of quiet time, and organizational time, along with a prayer which includes this: ” I enjoy something good happening TO me today, and I enjoy something good happening THROUGH me today.”  (I heard that on a televised ministry.)

Make an effort to try some of these things, for yourself, and yourself interacting with your loved ones and acquaintances, and your “perspective” on everything will be much more positive.

After all, what does it hurt to try something new?  Perhaps your positive perspective may change another person, and how they think.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  SL

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