Why do we need closure with many things?  Closure is necessary.   It lets us accept something is finally over.  Before we go any further, let us look at the meaning of closure in our Webster Dictionary.

Closure-1.  A feeling that an emotional or traumatic experience has been resolved..2.  The act or process of closing somehing, especially an institution, thouroughfare or frontier, or frontier, or of being closed

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Closure-The final step that should be taken at the end of any meaningful relationship, particularly the relationships that have been of substance.

We need closure.  This is part of what makes us grow and be able to let go.  These are two important steps in ending a relationship.  There are always questions at the end of a relationship, like, “was this my fault?”  “Where did we go wrong?” and many more.

Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship with someone that has cheated on you.  You know you want answers as to why.  Closure is important for these reasons, but must come at the right time.  You need to be healed enough from this particular relationship to accept the truth, whatever it may be, despite whose fault it is.  Generally when a relationship ends, there is blame to be laid for communication issues on both sides, so closure may be necessary for the other party, although they don’t always recognize it.

Closure is important too, to “close the door.”  With every ending,, we must close the door, and we can’t fully do this and leave the relationship behind, while taking the lessons we’ve learned forward, until we have obtained closure.

Closure is a natural process with a relationship when it has ended, but the timing of it is important too.  You are not ready to hear about closure, when your still emotionally raw.  You need to heal up first, to receive the benefits of closure.  You should be in the frame of mind, of curiosity.  You should be wanting to fully close the door to eventually explore other relationships, but be fully healed from one and close the door on it before doing so.

Please do your best to obtain closure with any traumatic relationship and do so with grace and dignity.  You are there to get these questions answered for yourself and your own peace of mind, and cannot have this when the timing isn’t quite right.

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