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COLOR                                                                         DAILY WISDOM WORDS

Can YOU imagine “Our Lives” without “COLOR”, instead, simply black and white?  How would we live, in a black and white world?  Obviously, when thinking about this question, there is so much beauty that color adds to our world, we take for granted.

Color is the beauty of a rainbow.  Color is the flare of style one has.  Color, in full definition, is a PRISM.

Webster Meaning:  1.  The property of reflecting light of a particular visible wavelength.  the colors in a spectrum are, red, green, blue, indigo, violet, orange and yellow.  2.  any coloring matter, dye or pigment.  3.  Color of the face or skin.  (this portion of the webster definition applies to what we will write on today)

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  The colors of a rainbow, we choose, to mix.  2.  The color and flare in styl
es and art.  3.  The color our race or creed, causing equality issues between human beings, and loss of right and wrong, balance and how we are treated, white, black or brown.

Colors are everywhere, and without them, our eyes literally would not “notice” what we were looking at in that picture, fully.  Our eyes, are trained to “look for color”.

“Color is in our clothes, and the flare in our style, Color is in our face, brightened by our smile .” 

 RACISM is  unacceptable, from a PERSONAL and LOGICAL perspective.  Color is not found in “BLACK OR WHITE.”  Black tells us it is nighttime, and white, the day.  Why is this in so relevant in the history and present of our world?  Black and White are EQUAL on the color spectrum, from the beginning to the end, or the end to the beginning, but you cannot have a beginning, without an end or there is no equality or balance. Color enhances our world, when used in ART.  IT also, plays a VITAL role in how we treat others.  Color is found, in all of Gods creations, and art we create and design. Color is in our Personalities, and souls, and music is colorful in its own way. What happened to our world, long ago, that made non colors, like black or white, seem better or more important than one or the other?

Imagine a book, finished.  imagine the beginning as black, the end as white, and the pages in between, a full spectrum of colors, or adjectives, verbs and nouns.  You need every KIND of word, to write the different words within this book.  How this book is written, is what holds our interest. To read a book, and find out there is no end, or no beginning if we read every part to the conclusion, would make us feel cheated.

Our WORLD, should be NO DIFFERENT.

My father, when he was alive, always said:  “keep it simple, Samantha”,  “You are looking too deep’ and missing the basics.”  It is that advice, I can still hear his voice say to me today.

When we express our emotions, we relate them to color!  White is expressed in words such as I feel “blue, dark, light and airy, and we associate Color with our emotions.  Red=Anger.  Blue=sad, color is a significant part of our lives, and devaluing it in “ANY CONTEXT AT ALL, IS COLORS INJUSTICE”.

We have a voice, which is distinct.  We need a soprano to have an alto.  Whatever is in between, are enhanced by color, style, flair, and beauty, and Color is yet another God Giving Gift we all take for granted.  Color is in the Sun, sky, stars, and finally night an day, representing LIGHT OR DARK.

Light nor dark is better than the other, if you view them as I do.  We must have a day as well as a night, or black and white, for color to have started.  We cannot have a spectrum without the Alpha and Omega.  Color is one of the flairs in life, we can’t afford to ever lose, for our world would be like the television was, in the beginning.  Interesting, because of its concept, but unable to hold our attention as it does now, through the High Definition of color and contrast.

Think of how well black compliments white, and white, does the same for black.  They represent EQUAL value in clothing.  With something, that unimportant, why does our world see it different?

As my father said, “keep it simple”.

Color is lovely for it is the red in the rose or the pink in the lipstick of the yellow in our sun, or the blue in our skies, or we can “MIX” two or even three together, creating a beautiful color and name it all our own.  Imagine how little there would be to view as pretty.  We need “EVERY SINGLE PRIME COLOR” to create a full spectrum of color.  One has no more importance, value or significance than the other, for they are all lovely and stand alone, in their dignity.

Color is in the flair of one’s personality.  Color is the drama we say we hate, but still love to watch it on television or in a movie theater.  Color is seen within the mixture of beauty in each and every one of us, because our personalities, are full spectrum as well.  Personality is color….

Personality is the color in one person, and the logic in another, all necessary to make a difference in each and every one of us.  Color is in paintings, and trees, and nature, and spring, summer and in the fall leaves, or the colored Christmas lights we all love to see so much

Why?  Because each and every color has its own place in our world, with one no more important than the other.  However, it you put colors “together”, you create even more beauty.

Have you ever asked yourself how you see your world?  Do you see it in black and white, or do you see this world with color?  Is black  any more important than white?  I think we all know the honest answer in our hearts.

What is your favorite color, and what in our world, do you see it in, that you like so much?  Seem like a silly question?  No, not quite, because our favorite color, leads to insight into who we are.

How does color play a role in how you dress?  For fun?  I have begun to like my pajamas best with all of this writing.  I do know I like my green ones best…Color within its own right, could not be seen without our eyes to view it with….Think about that.

A world without color, would be a pretty boring world, leaving nothing for our eyes to focus on, and it plays more than a color of clothing, role in our lives.  It is the beautiful and unique filler in our world, and the reflections we all see from time to time.   Finally, color is the leading role in each and every one of us, unique, through our creativity, and expression..   SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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