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What are personal comparisons with another?  Before I go any further, let us take a look at the meaning of comparisons from our Webster Dictionary.

Comparisons-1.  the act or instance of comparing . 2.  The quality of being similar or equivalent

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Comparisons-Measuring your self-worth with that of another.  Equivalating something you can do to the ability of another.

Comparisons are easy to make.  When we are running a race, sometimes we will look behind us to see how close the other racers are to us.  This is the art of comparing.  Comparisons are often made out of insecurity.  We should ideally measure ourselves up with our past abilities at the same thing and see if were getting better at whatever the challenge is.

Too often, this is not the case.  We compare ourselves to others and their abilities instead.  This is often not productive and can lead us feeling even more insecure with our own abilities.  We need to use the measuring stick of how we are doing compared to the last performance we personally have had to see if there is improvement.  Comparing ourselves to others brings us to a whole new standard of thinking and we find, we are always trying to measure up to others.

This is actually more common than you might think to do this.  Comparing ourselves to others is what our first instinct is to do to see if we are doing better at something, but that doesn’t make it the right way to do things or to improve.  It often leads to insecurities with ourselves.

We all have done it.  We have looked over our shoulders to see if the other racers are moving ahead, but this is not a productive thing to do and will almost always lead to disappointment.  Try measuring yourself against your previous run time on the track.  This way, you truly will get better at whatever it is your trying to achieve.  Thanks so much for reading about comparisons today.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.


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Ace Apayda (@guest_2504)
1 year ago

One thing I often do is compare my car to the cars other people are driving. If they have a better, nicer, more expensive vehicle than I do, I begin to doubt myself and think I’m not “good enough at life” or some stupid meaningless thought. Yet then I consider that maybe they put all their money into their car and they live in a small, dirty apartment. Or maybe they were involved in a terrible accident where they were injured and they got a nice settlement yet had to go through a lot of pain. Or maybe their relatives… Read more »

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