Optimistic Worrying

Optimistic Worrying

“Worrying is thinking negative thoughts about things that are outside of your control.”

-Mel Robbin

The title of today’s post may seem oxymoronic or counterintuitive. Worrying by definition is a negative trait so how can it be optimistic?

Let me elaborate.

There are hundreds of writers, self-help gurus and philosophers who advise us not to worry as it not only doesn’t help our dilemmas but also brings our mental health down.

Realistically, however, we can’t help it at times. We’re human. When our backs are against the wall, we’re bound to be concerned.

What we can do to alleviate some of the negative energy is combined the worrying with rational thinking.

If you’re in a tough spot, worry a little but also think about the solution. Admit to yourself that the situation really sucks. But then immediately ask yourself what’s a possible solution? Or how can you tackle the longterm effects of this?

Hence you end up with what I call optimistic worrying. You don’t suppress your negative emotions but instead, you add positive thoughts to them to balance them out.

As human beings, it’s impossible never to worry about anything. But we can still nurture and/or manipulate those worries in order to minimize their consequences.

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