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How does our Conscience play a role in life? How does it play a role in our writing?

Conscience means according to the Webster: Consciousness of the moral right or wrong of ones acts and motives.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: the role our conscience plays in guiding us to do right or wrong or write right or wrong and why we don’t just say what we feel without filtering it to some degree…


What is right and wrong in writing? It first has to go back to an article in “the voice of poets” which states that over 90% of us feel we can write what we want, but, as the article points out, we do not, usually. It is because of our conscience that we do not always write what we want and around the world, people are not always free to write what they want as well.


Our conscience despite what we may think, does stop us from writing or saying anything we want. This is not always a bad thing. There is a way to disagree with someone kindly, have a debate kindly, and write kindly by phrasing what we say through our filter, or conscience.


Does that mean we cannot write about the dark side of life? No, it does not. I don’t think the unspoken rules are as clear with writing. I think we do let things out, that we would not directly say to another.


Daily Wisdom Words is about being cognizant of the meaning of words so you can better use them in your speech and your writing. I have been writing daily wisdom words since 2013 and have written on over 135 words to date. If you would like to see these words, visit my website at dailywisdomwords.com or dailywisdomwords.blogspot.com until we get the kinks worked out of our website.


Our conscience plays a role as a buffer with what we say and to some degree, what we write IF we are writing something other than poetry…


Poetry is free and I want it to stay that way. We are all “perfectly imperfect” and that just means we are human beings trying to do better each day of our lives.



Samantha LeBoeuf

Community Leader

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