What exactly does freedom mean? Do we have it in our World today?

First let us take a look at the meaning of freedom in the Webster Dictionary:

  1. The quality or state of being free; Independence 2. EXEMPTION; RELEASE (partial definition)

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: 1. A state of mind, heart and soul in which we let go of all our inhibitions and appreciate the beauty of thinking freely.


How important is freedom to you? Think of people who are in prison. Do they have any freedom? Most of us would say no, but when I asked someone who was on probation that had been in jail I ran across out of curiosity, I found the answer amazing. “I was free Samantha, because I never allowed my mind to get locked up along with my body”.


This made me think deeper about the word, freedom. Being on twitter and hearing from people across the world who don’t consider themselves free, I have also had it brought to my attention that people in various parts of the world cannot be free to write and publicize their poetry and creative writing to the public without having it censored. It, along with Realistic Poetry International valuing freedom to such a degree really started me thinking how I felt about freedom and I came to realize for me it was a state of mind, heart and body. My answer is neither right or wrong as it is only an opinion but it does make us stop and think that if we do think this way, many more of us can “feel free.”


Actually being free, without bonds and chains and feeling free in our minds are two different things, but if your locked in bonds and chains, your perspective of your mind being free to fluently think of any thought and idea it wishes makes the other part easier to cope with.


Freedom is beauty no matter what perspective you hold, and if your visual mental picture is at all similar to mine, an eagle flying across the sky, we have found a way to focus more on our similarities in thinking rather than our differences and that is always a positive thing. Freedom is another word for “something we win” when we do think of it as a state of mind, because that means we are all free, and that is a lovely thought.


Samantha Leboeuf

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