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Why is our vocabulary so important and why is it beneficial to keep expanding it?

First, let us take a look at the definition of the word vocabulary and what it means in the

Webster: 1. a list of words usually arranged alphabetically and defined or explained. (part of definition)

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: 1. multiple words that help increase our ability to write by knowing the meaning of them.


Our Vocabulary is very important in anything we write. the Larger it is, the larger your world is because you understand the meaning of the definition behind the words your using to convey the meaning of what your trying to get across to the other party.


There are two different ways to look at this. Not only does a large vocabulary help you convey what your trying to communicate to another, but it helps the other person convey

to you what they mean. knowing a larger vocabulary can make it easier for both of you

to convey your message to. You may have something sensitive to convey to the other

party, and having a larger vocabulary gives you the wisdom word tool to get that message across kinder than you would have been able to get it across with a limited vocabulary.


To enhance your vocabulary, I recommend reading and learning the meaning of one word daily from the dictionary. Sound boring? It really isn’t especially when you look at everyday

words we use and find the meaning of the word is something expanded or different than

what you thought. (that happens with me a lot.)


My son is an attorney and he uses words at times I don’t understand because many law terms were written in the Latin meaning first. Poetry is the same way. There are various meanings to the words you use when doing creative writing or poetry and knowing the

difference on how to use these words make your writing even better!!


This daily wisdom word is important because not only can it help you convey a message to another, it can help them understand exactly what it is your trying to get across to them.


Another wisdom word reason it is important is it can help expand your vocabulary and write better poetry, creative writing and other things in life we have to write explaining how we feel. You can only increase that ability by increasing your vocabulary.


Samantha Leboeuf





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