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Disappointment is a feeling we all have from time to time.  According to my Webster, “disappointment”  to fall or fail to meet the expectation of”.

Disappointment involves “hurt and a feeling of being let down, either by yourself, or others.

Disappointment causes you to rethink how you handled a situation, or yourself.  Disappointment, although
it may not seem so, can be your best friend.

If your disappointment is with yourself, then there is an opportunity for you to grow, as an individual.

We always have choices.  We can choose to wallow in the negative feeling of disappointment, or we can process our feelings with an “attitude of growth.”   If reality, there are two ways to handle any negative feeling.  Dwell in our disappointment of ourselves, or analyze what we are disappointed about, and reprogram our brain with a healthier thought process, so we don’t feel disappointed over the same situation repetitively.

However, what is the proper way to handle “disappointment” you feel towards others?
ADJUST YOUR EXPECTATIONS!  Whether we know it or not, each person close to our heart, is automatically set with a certain degree of specific expectations.  We are setting ourselves up for failure, each time we do this and we let ourselves down, and project our expectations onto the other party.

IN life, one of my favorite sayings I created, is “expect nothing, and be grateful for anything better than that”.

It helps in life to use this technique, you in the long run.  Your the “beneficiary”, because love, is  caring completely, without expectation.”

Sometimes in life, we deal with disappointment outside of our control.  Life, Happens.  There is always the good, with the bad running a close race behind it.  Perspective, is the key to everything in life.  We can look at the glass half full, instead of half empty.

Ultimately, disappointment at times, cannot be avoided, but you can always look for the lesson, behind the disappointment.  SL

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