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What does distinction mean and why does it play a role of importance in all of our lives in one way or another?


First, let us take a look at the meaning of distinction in our Webster Dictionary-Distinction-1. The distinguishing of a difference; the difference distinguished. 2. Something that distinguishes. 3. Special honor or recognition


Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Distinction-those qualities that set you apart from others. That which makes you special.


We all have distinguishing traits, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional characteristics or traits but what really sets us apart from everyone else is who we are on the inside. What is it that builds character in you? what is it that makes you special? You have all the unique characteristics as the next individual except one: Your completely different and that is what makes you special and what we will focus on in Daily Wisdom Words today.


If we were all to be honest, we would admit there are times in our lives when we feel down or depressed. What makes us different than another is how we handle it and we have a choice to be truly distinguished in this manner. We can be unique by remembering that there is truly only one of us in this world, and this world would not be the same without us.


Even twins, although sharing the same DNA, are alike, they still have characteristics and traits that make them completely unique, and that holds the key to the biggest honor in life and merit, the other meaning of distinguishing someone we could ever have. Distinguishing ourselves from others instead of wishing somehow we had it better like the next famous movie star, is what makes us special. We are as special as we choose to believe we are and when we are feeling discouraged, this is an incredible way to think.


When we are feeling down on ourselves, the best thing we can do is to remember the good attributes that we do have. We are all selfish at times, or “imperfectly perfect as I like to say, and we cannot beat ourselves up for it or it becomes a never ending path to self-destruction and we are as far away from the path of distinguishing ourselves from others, except for our negative qualities that we will ever get. Remember, you are special, unique, and dynamic and so is your writing.


If you write novels or books or poetry or quotes, your special. No other human being will set to a piece of paper the same words that you put down when you are creatively writing, and that distinguishes you exquisitely from other individuals. Remember that today when we go to write our poetry and quotes. Your words, whether verbal, written or otherwise distinguishes you from others. It is another part of you that makes you dynamic.


If you are like my friend, the IT Programmer, to me, he is brilliant. He may look at my characteristics with writing and think the same. My point is we all want what we can’t have, and the reason we cannot have it is because each of us have our own special and distinguished habits and characteristics and traits.


Remember, We are all “imperfectly perfect” and we may not get what distinguishes us from others until we get to know ourselves and the best way to do that, is make a list about yourself of things you do know that make you, who you are, and add to it as you go along figuring yourself out. You will find you will keep adding to this list as you go along throughout life, because it is these qualities that makes us special and does distinguish us from others making us simply, “one of a kind”.


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Have a wonderful and distinguished day….)

#quotefortheday-“always be youself-your distintion separates you from others”


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader






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