I’m going to make this one about me. ‘Me’ in this context represents everyone who disliked dogs before developing one or two feelings for them. Before now, I really fret when I’m faced with a dog trying to guard his/her territory.

I would run as fast as my legs can carry. My heart pouncing and pounding in fear of it’s teeth in my flesh. In my defense, I would grab a stone or a handful of earth and the dog will run away. Just so you know, some did not take the bait.

Away with fear. Let’s talk about love for this beautiful creature. Her name is Rosie. She loves to play ball, belly rub, fish and milk. Isn’t she beautiful?

Do you have fear for dogs? Do you love them? Let’s talk about it. Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. I am Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host.

  • See picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title.
  • Share with us.
Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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4 months ago

speak with one another without words
a true connection
with a lot of affection
He and I
I and him, go for a walk on a whim
my best buddy, at my side
unless we runnin; he leaves me behind
in the dust, but I don’t fuss
meeting him was more than luck!
bonded the moment we met
brought tears to my eyes
he’s an angel in disguise!

4 months ago

Puppies so fuzzy and sweet
become dogs barking in the street
long coat, dirty feet
licks it’s butt then licks your cheek
a dogs love fits like a glove
always there to bring the heat
blushing cheeks from running fast
snuggled warmly into your back
a little jealous
when other dogs come around
don’t wanna share their common ground
hold them tightly
secure the home
my dog and me are growing old. -Amberdawn, CRG.

4 months ago

If you happen to see me
walk by your way
be assured my companion
is somewhere close behind
A more faithful friend
I could never ask for
unconditional love
comes covered in fur
My dog is always here
to warm my heart & feet
she loves me unconditionally
knowing exactly what I need

4 months ago

Dogs and me
Are like summer and ice cream
My first cup of morning coffee’
Bee’s and honey
Happiness is key
I am their pack leader
I have 5 puppies
Brie and Kona
They all love me
I meet there needs
And they meet mine
With their unconditional
A dog really is a women’s
Best friend

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