We all know what emotions are but why do we need them in our lives? First, just for the sake of it, let us look at the definition of Emotions in our Webster Dictionary: Emotions-1. Intense feelings 2. Strong feelings, the emotions as distinguished from reason

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Emotions – 1. the emotions we have, some we have no control over such as anger, rage, lust, a lust for someone or something we love or Passion.

Let’s talk about the first definition of Emotions in the Webster Dictionary-intense feeling- this makes me think of the range of emotions Christ went through before his execution. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the range of emotions Christ had to be feeling, to the extreme emotions throughout his last Supper as he slowly realized one of his best friend had turned on him and the immense amount of Emotions like Passion he must have suffered to endure such Pain while he was being stoned to death and punished on the cross and the pain which he went through, not only physically, but emotionally? Those are feelings of emotion we don’t think about.

It states in the Webster Dictionary that “Emotions are things we have extreme feeling over. “This first makes me think of Passion but then, I have to think about the amazing amount of restraint Christ must have suffered and withheld being murdered, slowly. I can’t help but understand what it feels like to be double crossed by his best friend, when he slowly realized what going on and the emotional sadness and the degree of emotion he must have felt inside his heart.

The next type of Emotions I think about is the kind of emotions we feel when we first fall in love. This type of emotion is an unbridled Passion. These are emotions we have no control of. A passion of emotions so strong it produces endorphins within our own brains when it is felt by two. This type of Emotion is exhibited in many statues and paintings in the era of impressionism and art pieces we have seen including paintings and statues all over the world. Although the Confederate Era is not the time frame of impressionism, the statue that has been torn down revealing a part of our history took a great deal of passion and emotions to build just as it took a great amount of passion and emotions to destroy. I also think of emotions as that felt during a steamy love affair or jealousy that can be associated with it. This type of passion or emotion sends our emotions on our spindles and out of control. This type of passion can also eat you alive. The final type of emotions I like to think of when I think of extreme feelings are the ones we have for a hobby. I want you to think about when you are going to go write a piece of poetry; your next great masterpiece. This type of extreme emotion is felt in the excitement and delight one feels when they are looking forward this and their feelings of delight and intense enjoyment while writing this piece of poetry. Poetry also has the power to bring the chemical of endorphins out in our brain just from the sheer excitement of the anticipation of writing such a piece. Emotions are an exciting daily Wisdom Word, because its definition covers so much. I hope you have enjoyed my take on the word. If you want to follow me, please do atrealisticpoetry.com/thecommunitypage/members under my name, Samantha Leboeuf, or Samanylize@twitter.com or on facebook under Samanthaleboeuf@facebook.com or you can connect with me on googleplus.com. I post a copy of these Daily Wisdom Words everyday on all four sites. In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed today’s piece on emotions, and I will see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning. Have a blessed and warm day.

Quote of the day-“Let us Lead with logic but have a life filled with emotion”

Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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