What does enigma mean according to the Webster Dictionary and why is it an important part of our vocabulary? Enigma has a meaning and all words do have “meaning” so knowing what each and every word means gives us extensive use of the English Vocabulary, better sentence structure, and a much broader way to communicate.

What is the definition of Enigma in our Webster Dictionary? Enigma-1. A person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling or difficult to understand. 2. A perplexing speech, a riddle. 3. A saying or riddle containing a hidden meaning; riddle

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1. Something that leaves much to the imagination due to the mystery surrounding it.

Have you ever been around someone that speaks in an enigma or with enigma’s? They speak in riddles, saying one thing, but mysteriously meaning another. They are not “direct” individuals speaking overtly what’s on their mind therefore confusing you, as the listener. Enigmas are riddles, and that is how they speak: in circles and riddles and there is an underlying meaning beneath all of their communication.

Enigma’s are also mysteries in general that we don’t understand such as questions about our astronomy that we have not yet researched fully and understand. Comprehension of enigma’s are vague in nature. Enigma’s are circles particles around you, unseen with the naked eye. Enigma’s tend to be things we cannot see, taste, touch or hear. They lean toward the hidden meanings in life. A riddle within a sentence is a good example of a perplexity or an enigma.

For me, the best example I have of an enigma lies in cryptogram puzzles. I love cryptograms, due to the underlying meaning of of each of the letters representing another letter in the alphabet. Now that is a challenge, mystery and an enigma taking a long time to solve each and every puzzle. Enigmas are very simply difficult problems.

enigmas have been around for a long time, and always applies to things we cannot fully understand or something hard to explain. Another good example of an enigma is why is Barrow,Alaska dark 24/7in the wintertime for 67 days? Granted, Barrow, Alaska does enjoy 80 days of uninterrupted sunlight in the summer but this is still difficult to understand making it a good example. It is explainable but definitely difficult to explain. I think those of you that did not have a clear understanding of enigma’s do now.

Thank you for reading Daily Wisdom Words today. I want to wish all of my readers a very happy Independence Day, and may your barbecues and fireworks be spectacular.

I look forward to all of your poetry and quotes using the word, “enigma”, and also wish you a blessed and wonderful day.

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