What does gallantry mean and why is it still important in today’s day and time?

The definition of Gallantry in the Webster Dictionary is: 1. Courageous behavior especially in battle. 2. Polite behavior or respect given to women by men. 3. Actions or words used when paying polite and respectful attention to women.

Daily Wisdom Word of Gallantry: 1. Using common courtesy and manners which are used when men are interacting with women.

Gallantry is still important even after the Millennial. Why? Manners and gallantry are still important when men are dealing with women. As much as we are all feminists in our own right, I believe it is important for men to still have manners. Physically, they are the stronger sex. This is only my opinion, but when raising children, we want them to have them same manners we were brought up with, and that is men showing courageous behavior, even in my era.

There is nothing more courageous or gallant than a war story in which one man went back and saved 20 of his men in the fury of battle. Gallantry is important. It is the chivalry still shown to women like opening their car door on a date or just because. There is nothing like good manners.

Try visiting the south or Texas. You will see these manners displayed by men all over. They open doors for women, say please and thank you much more, but being from the south is not the only place you see Gallantry. You see it in older gentlemen or children raised by men with Gallantry. They know their manners and how to be polite to women.

Gallantry is also chivalry in battle or the war. There is nothing more exciting or courageous in a man than to hear a courageous war story. This is Gallantry to the core of its definition.

In my opinion, just because we are in a more feminist time era, this does not mean that men should not have general manners towards a woman. Gallantry also means being polite. Just because men show politeness to women, and that is called gallantry, I feel women should be just as polite to men although, Chivalry and Gallantry will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am proud to see it in my son, who is grown now, when I watch him interact with women.

Thank you for reading Daily Wisdom Words today. Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf
Samantha@daily wisdom words (email address)

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Jay Leboeuf (@guest_534)
2 years ago

Very nice to know chivalry is still very much alive and well. I believe in good manners especially when raising kids , they watch everything their parents do. Great wisdom .

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