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Excellence is a standard that is difficult to achieve.  Excellence is our daily wisdom word today.  We will take about how to achieve it and if it is possible for a human being to do so to begin with.  I believe we can achieve excellence, but not in every area.  To strive in every area to achieve excellence is one thing.  To strive as a human being to achieve it in all areas is difficult because we are all imperfect as human beings.  I do feel however, that what we can strive to be excellent at are the things we really care about.  These are things we should naturally put more of our time into anyway.  Why not try to continue striving to improve until there is no room for more of it, or we have reached a level of impasse and have done what we can when we can to achieve it.  

Webster Definition of excellence-1.  the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  The quality within someone to constantly strive to be better as an individual at our highest ability.  

Can anyone achieve excellence?  It is quite hard to achieve it, but when we care about something passionately as humans, I believe we can.  It does not matter what this is.  Perhaps it is cooking, writing, or looking towards becoming better at something over time.  Because excellence is such a high bar to achieve, to expect it immediately is unrealistic.  Is excellence related to intelligence?  Yes, it can be if the person who has to meet this high standard really wishes to achieve it, if you are very intelligent you may catch on to the basics faster.  What others will take longer to learn, you will pick up quicker.  

There is one quality I have found in life that makes excellence possible to achieve besides intelligence, applied to its fullest.   This quality is perseverance.  Perseverance can take us actually further in life than intelligence in itself.  It is hard to apply a number to one’s intelligence anyway just because we wish to.  There are simply too many kinds of intelligence in too many areas.  It is even possible someday we will learn to utilize more of our brain than just 5-10%.  Intelligence however, with perseverance can take us to a level of excellence quicker than any path I am aware of.  There is one other quality of achieving excellence I still haven’t mentioned;  Patience. 


Patience is necessary because to be the best it is possible to be overnight no matter how intelligent you are will not happen overnight.  Therefore patience is necessary and like any special ingredient in a recipe, must be added to make the perfect one.  I ask you today to ponder first a list of goals.  Then, place them at a level of priority in your life.  The number one and two things with usually be the best ones to seek excellence out for.  These will be the one or two things, (usually just one), you will be willing to do anything for to achieve success. 

In our comments section just beneath this post, I would like you today if you are willing to share, list the one thing in life you are most passionate about.  No matter what this one thing is, chances are you will have the patience and intelligence to succeed eventually mastery and excellence at.  Thanks so much for reading about excellence today.  I hope this article has inspired some food for thought.  Success and striving at being the best you can be at whatever you have set your mind to integrating the patience necessary to get better at it daily is the best definition of excellence.  

Consider joining daily wisdom words today!  We are launching a whole new membership program.  This will be one of the last few times to purchase an unlimited pro-membership good for a lifetime for $10.  Part of achieving success which leads to excellence if we are willing to strive towards it with patience, is having tools to succeed.  Daily Wisdom Words does not claim perfection but we are always striving to be moving towards it. 

Thanks so much,

Samantha Leboeuf


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