What exactly does faith mean and how does it play a role in our writing?


Honestly, faith has everything to do with our writing in my opinion, but before we dig deeper into that, let us take a look at what faith means in our Webster dictionary: Faith 1. allegiance to duty or a person. 2. belief and trust in God . 3. Complete trust. 4. a system of religious beliefs.

Daily Wisdom Word meaning: 1. A trust we have towards our higher power within ourselves and our writing. 2. Faith we place within the words we write and its honesty within our heart.


Faith plays a great role in what we write. Without faith, we have nothing to truly believe in, and if we don’t truly believe in ourselves, we cannot write from our hearts and souls.


We need to have personal faith in ourselves no matter what we are doing; Writing Poetry, doing anything personal that comes from the heart. Faith is where it all begins. In order to do any good writing, I firmly believe we must have enough faith in ourselves and know the words we are putting down on paper come from our hearts and souls and are backed with our our personal belief system with faith.


Faith is different for some of us, but personal faith is streamlined with our words. Without truth and honesty, even imaginary works we make up don’t come out the same. The words will be missing something, so when you write, do it from your soul and heart. This includes any type of personal writing, creative and poetry.


There is none of this written in a book as a “requirement” to write, and these are just my personal opinions but I strongly believe without writing with your faith to stand behind your words, those words will not mean nearly as much. We are merely machines printing documents at that point, and that is not how I want my creative writing and poetry or my life to be without: Faith……


We are all “perfectly imperfect” human beings and we can only do the best we are able but we can all write with “faith”. It is a choice and for most of us, subconscious.


Thank you for reading today’s daily wisdom words. COMMENTS ENCOURAGED BELOW!!


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