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What does frustration mean? Why does it play a role in our lives?


Frustration is defined in our Webster as this: frustration-1. to bulk or defeat in an endeavor. 2. to introduce feelings of insecurity, frustration and satisfaction in.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Frustration-1. to cause a great amount of stress and irritability at trying to achieve a task.


Frustration can cause a great amount of irritation. I know when I get frustrated with a situation it makes it all the worse, causing me to make even more mistakes. My mistakes for me cause the greatest amount of frustration. They cause me to feel irritated, upset and I find I have to repeat the same task over and over again to get the job done.


What causes you to feel frustrated? When I am writing my poetry, it is “frustrating to say the least not to be able to find words that rhyme with what I have to say. To grow as a Poet, we all have to realize that as a writer, a certain amount of frustration is expected to go along with the job. It is frustrating when your writing and you just can’t think of that next sentence that you need or line in a verse. Remember, there are certain things you can do to stop frustration or nip it in the bud and I have found the following solutions to be the most helpful.


1. Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath and look at the task objectively at hand. Think out your actions and what actions it                          takes to complete your task successfully.


  1. Step back from the situation. Sometimes just standing away from the situation for a time period of five minutes will do the trick. Stand back from the situation and assess what you have been doing wrong. Think of the best way to correct it and then try the task again. You will find the second time around you will have much better luck after taking a break.


What is another situation that causes stress and frustration? One I can think of that I hear often is when someone’s child is crying and this child does not have the ability to communicate what is wrong with he or she because they are either a baby and cannot communicate or they are too frustrated themselves. Again, repeat steps one and two. Stand back from the situation, take a short break and assess what you can do differently to make the situation more culpable.


Thank you for reading Daily Wisdom Words today and joining me on dissecting frustration and the best ways to handle it. Don’t forget to follow me at realisticpoetry.com/communitypage/members or read the daily Wisdom Words post at realisticpoetry.com/thevoiceofpoets/dailywisdomwordoftheday, or on Facebook, at facebook.com/Samanthaleboeuf or on twitter at twitter.com/@samanylize or on google plus, or at dailywisdomwords.com. There are several ways to connect.


Now, for the verse of the day:


I feel intense frustration,

to find a rhyming word,

for this situation,

Frustration has occurred.


Have a warm and blessed day. I will be looking for your verses and comments throughout the day on frustration even if you’re just sharing with us what frustrates you the most in life.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader




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