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What does tranquility mean and why is it so important in our lives?

Let us take a look at the meaning of tranquility in our Webster Dictionary and go from there. 1. free from agitation or disturbance. 2. quiet

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning -Tranquility- that which is harmonious and peaceful. 2. Creating a feeling of peace and things we can do to create that.

Lets face it. Life is stressful. If we wish to have more tranquility in our lives we can start by setting aside an hour a day for it. One great way to lower the stress in your life and lead a more tranquil one is to exercise. Exercising produces Seritonin which is a natural feel good chemical in the brain. Exercise has several benefits but leaves us at the end of it feeling more relaxed and tranquil.

What is another suggestion of things we can do to produce more tranquility in our lives? Believe it or not, we can write. Whether it be to journal, (just writing our  feelings when we feel them) or we can write poetry. Poets are heroes and one of the reasons this is true is every good poet knows that if they are feeling frustrated in life, getting their minds off of it and reading or writing poetry can create a more tranquil feeling.

Tranquility is unique in the sense that only you know what makes you more tranquil. You may like to bike ride or hike. All of these things lead to a more tranquil life but you have to set aside the time to achieve a more tranquil life. Tranquility usually doesn’t produce itself in today’s crazy, stressful lifestyles we lead. Thank you so much for reading about tranquility today. You can follow me at realisticpoetry.com/communitypage/members, or read these posts daily at realisticpoetry.com/thevoiceofthepoet/wisdomwordoftheday, or on Facebook at Samanthaleboeuf@facebook.com, or on twitter.com@Samanylize.com/ or on google plus.

The verse of the day is: lead a life more tranquil,

Relaxing leads us there,

Lead a life more tranquil,

Only you know what brings tranquility and where.

I am looking forward to your comments or verses on tranquility. Have a warm and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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