What does honor mean and why is it of such great importance to us?


Let us take a moment and look at the meaning of honor in our Webster Dictionary

Honor-1. Good name and reputation, outward respect. 2. Privilege 3. to fulfill the terms of something.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Honor-1. The respect one has for themselves and others.


Honor is important in a day and age where its meaning is becoming extinct. Honor doesn’t seem to mean what it used to in a world that holds less of it by far than we did in the 1950’s and in some ways it means more. Honor is the integrity with which we treat ourselves and others.


For example, how many men go to the bride to be’s father and ask them for her hand in marriage? This would be going out of the husband to be’s way, but to do so would show honor towards himself as well as his father in law to be and the bride to be.


Honor can also mean to hold up your end of the bargain you made with another. For example, I honored a promissory note to another person I owed money to.


The biggest honor in my opinion is the honor I had last night. I was able to be the giver and chooser of who of one of Realistic Poetry International’s brand new freedom medals would go to and was given the honor of choosing who this person would be.


What made me choose him is the same reason today I picked this daily wisdom word. He is a man of honor and I wished to honor him with the medal in recognition of this. He is someone I hold in high regard. He is a person that goes out of his way to make another feel good, cares and honors others.


I remember when Lee, the person I am referring to, noticed a mistake I had made with Daily Wisdom Words. Rather than embarrass me, he showed honor to me and respect by going out of his way to hunt down my email address and let me know quietly via a private email which showed him to be a man of honor and respect. He could have chosen to call me out on this by making a comment beneath this post or a number of other options but he held me in high enough regard, or showed honor towards me by letting me know privately and quietly.


We live in a world where things like honor are becoming more scarce by the day and honor isn’t a word we use often. We should try to use it more often.


We are all “imperfectly perfect” but we can still go out of our way to honor others in little ways, not only by the way we treat them, but by recognizing them with rewards when they stand out as Lee does from other people because he does have honor and integrity, another wisdom word we will talk about in the near future.


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Have a blessed day!


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Honor is about respect

Holding it in its highest regard,

Honor is about the recipient,

Honor to earn is hard


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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