What is greed?  We all know what it means, but what is it really about?  Let us first take a look at its definition in the Webster Dictionary:

Greed-1.  Intense and selfish desire for something-especially Wealth, Power or food..2.  An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to wealth.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1.  An excessive desire for more than one actually needs, and something they cannot stop wanting more of.

Greed is sad.  It reminds me of a family member that has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it.  However;  It is never enough.  He must have more and more like gluttony with food.  He must have more money because he equates this with Power and Control, other Daily Wisdom Words I will be writing about.  What he has, which is more than enough, is just not enough for him.  He will work until his own personal health is sacrificed, just to have more money.  This is greed.  It is excessive and thirsts for more, even though what is already had is more than enough.

There are no good sides to greed.  Let us not confuse the word with ambition.  This is different.  Ambition is drive within someone to achieve what they need.  Greed takes this to an excessive point, never being able to stop.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?  Greed is seen frequently there.  In fact, it is what makes the casino’s rich.  Greed is that person who has won a lot of money, but does not have the capability to walk away from the gambling table..  They must continue to play, even if they win more, and generally will stay at the table until they have lost all of their winnings trying to achieve it.

Greed is a sad feeling because the person feeling it, is not happy.  They think they will be happier if they gain more if they get more, but they don’t.  Instead they remain as unhappy as before.  I have seen greed in action with other people besides this family member I mentioned.  I have seen it with y own self in small amounts.  When I used to be in Real Estate, we would have a weekly meeting.  It was never enough to make what I needed to get by.  I always wanted to make more money.  This, is typical of human nature.  We lose control as we want more and more of the remainder of our emotions.

Greed is also associated with Power.  People who feel greedy, needing to hoard or get more of something that they don’t need, aren’t happy generally or this desire would not be within them.  Somehow they feel by getting more money, they will also gain more influence and power an sadly, although this may be true to some extent, this never seems to bring them happiness.  The story I told you earlier about my family member is a true one.  It never is enough and even when he received one huge sum of money, and gave some to his family, he ended up resenting doing it claiming the love we had for him was because of his money.  Sadly, no one had ever asked for the money he gave, so the resentment and anger he felt was of his own making.

Think about this in your own life.  Are you making as much money as you can, but placing other priorities like family and God first?  Or, is your driving force, the money itself, placing this first instead?

I hope you have gained something to think about while reading on greed today.  Please post your poems on greed on twitter for now as this website is under construction.  Eventually, you will be able to post all of your poems on here and it will connect directly with twitter and facebook, just as if you were posting on twitter yourself, if you so choose the option.  Be Patient.  The Community Corner Page is up and running, but needs some tweaking.  It will be a while according to my IT person before all glitches are worked out, but when the final product is done, this will be one of the largest Poetry Sites to post your Poetry, blogs and quotes on.  That for me, is enough.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.  Welcome to our new members from yesterday, Angela and Dave.  They will be joining the writing group!!  It is so exciting to see all the new members everyday sign up.

Samantha LeBoeuf


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Aloma (@aloma)
2 years ago

The Unheard Scream The scream inside, you can not hear Is a deafening sound within her ears. She cannot hear the world around Her pain and fear are the only sounds. You cannot see behind her eyes They’re are filled with tears as the child cries. The wounds are deep and cannot heal Until they’re opened then she will feel, The pain she could not feel before As the blood flows warm behind the door. No one knows and no one sees Behind her door down on her knees, The tears, the blood that mingle there Get up, wash up… Read more »

Aloma (@aloma)
2 years ago

Thank you Samantha, I have only shared a couple of my poems. It is very difficult to find a safe place to share.
Again thank you.

Aloma (@guest_752)
2 years ago

Dear Samantha,
Thank you for your encouragement. It meant a great deal to me. May I ask you though, for an honest assessment of my writing. I have not had any instruction on writing poetry, so I don’t what mistakes I am making.
I do appreciate your time. Thank you so very much.

DechoLee (@decholee)
2 years ago

Caught in a hole
Let’s go for a stroll
We’ll head on down
Take the dice for a roll
Don’t worry
l have things under control
I can pay the toll
It’ll only cost me
My soul

Raquel Rogers (@guest_669)
2 years ago

Greedy one there you are
Looking at your favorite star
See her glittler in your eye
Masked by diamonds floating by
Gold surrounds your every move
Keeps you young skin so smooth
Love is what you seek from her
All she see is a golden blur

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