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Habits-We all have them, and they can be good and bad, depending on what our habits are.

Habits, are far more important than most people realize.  It is our habits, that show us a part of how we think.  It is in our habits, we can see our strengths and weaknesses.

Our answers are just around the corner, thanks to Neuroscience and the research being done with mice.  see


First, let us take a look at the Webster Definition of HABITS as well as Daily Wisdom Word, Definition.

Webster Definition:    1. A thing done often, and hence, easily. 2. an unusual way of doing something  3.  An addiction, esp. to narcotics.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-  1. An overall pattern of behavior, both good and bad, that incorporates, either self discipline, or no discipline at all if a habit is used for drugs or alcohol, or anything harmful.  2.  A strong self will, used to repeat that which is good for the soul.  3.  A repetitive action, we teach ourselves, consciously, such as exercise or writing daily.

Habits, in their best context, are built on a solid foundation, of self discipline, repetition and commitment, or they can be “subconscious, such as brushing our teeth on autopilot.  We all wish, for instance we spent less money, but our “habits” tell us subconsciously, that this is expected.
Our brains, lead the show, now, with current research, perhaps we can learn to train ourselves to control our bad habits by “simply understanding why and how they come to be.

Habits are something we can get excited about, because when we create a new one, this will “always” lead to NEW CHANGES.  It is amazing to think that in 21 days, we have the ability to create a new HABIT.

Some of us, however, find it difficult to adapt with change.  Some of us, like things, just as they are, like myself, for instance.  I like stability, but I also know logically, the healthiest way to change is through the creation of new stability with habits, as well.

How do we form positive habits?  Habits come from routine.  Try these suggestions, when trying to make a new HABIT:
1.  First, you must clearly define the habit.  For instance, if you would like to lose weight, give yourself a description of how much you want to lose; IE., time frame in which to lose it, and diet plan you will follow.

2.  Think, about the positive surrounding that habit, and why this habit, should be created.  In this case,, pull out some smaller pants, and lay them out to see each morning the difference and show you a picture, of how good you will feel, after creating new habit(s).

3.  Write down a way, in which you will succeed to build this new habit.

4.  Remember:  it takes approximately 21 days to break an old habit, (in this case, eating too much, or smoking.  After 21 days, you will start to autopilot this new habit, and the brain will actually accept the change.  Understand how and why this soon to be old habit developed to begin with, and change the circumstances around current habits, so they will become old habits.

How do we break a Habit?

Sometimes, to break a habit, we have to follow the above steps, and then the below steps, and depending on the habit, we may need help from a higher power if it involves drugs or alcohol, or cigarettes, or anything harmful in access.  The below suggestions may help as well.

1. MAKE A DECISION TO STOP whatever this habit is.  Negative habits, sometimes swell into addiction.  (a negative habit in excess.)  Many of us do not realize that we must have a start, to end up with a finish.  Believe it or not, often we haven’t fully “DECIDED” to stop this habit.  We may have this habit under control, but often the “habit” begins to control us, turning into an addiction.

2. USE The willpower we all have.  THIS habit may be ingrained in our mind, and style of living, so most importantly, change your environment, and surround yourself with people who have what you want, to give you inspiration, and tell a friend, for “weakness talk”.

3.  The 21 day rule is honestly the truth.  I eat at night, but have managed to stop, because of going three weeks in the new routine.

4.  Use “THE POWER OF THE POSITIVE to CHANGE “THE NEGATIVE”.  Start every morning, with writing a positive affirmation, based on your future without the habit. “I enjoy being full at dinner and drinking water through the evening, and waking up feeling great.  Remember:  The brain is much like a computer. You must “Imprint your commands”, just as you do with a computer, and we do this through affirmation.

5.  Reward system:  Reward yourself, when success is achieved, at milestone markers.  (one week abstaining from the habit, to 2, and so forth.

6.  enjoy replacing the negative habit with a positive one, and make note of it.

Habits, are fascinating, and Neuroscience has done studies with done with rats, currently, on exactly what a habit is, and areas of the brain which play a role in it.

Whatever this habit is you either wish to eliminate, or one you wish to add in your life, for the positive, you can succeed.  Reading this post, tells you you have made up your mind, and your looking for a new program and you, have the power to achieve, what you believe in.  SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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