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The famous dress that some see as white and gold and others as blue and black.  What do you see?

Illusions….How much do we use illusions about ourselves or others to cope, or justify?  Perhaps, this is a naive illusion.  We must be careful in our lives of false illusions, or using illusions to paint a canvas of our life much different then it truly is.

Lets take a look at the Webster Daily Wisdom Word meaning:  1.  A false idea or conception  2.  an unreal or misleading appearance of an image.
Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  1.  The distraction or misleading demonstrations, in life, which lead us to things that are not placed in the proper perspective, and hidden in image.

Illusions, are very popular these days.  Let us take the Internet for example.  People 

Have you been caught up in an “illusion” before?  Some people unfortunately in this life, will mislead you, enjoying the power of the illusion created, and this must be when you stop participating in it because if your believing, it is not a full illusion.

Illusions can block our vision to see the true beauty of what is real in our lives, or Illusions can be beautiful, in art, such as a colored canvas painted in beautiful rainbow colors.  Illusions are very interesting, because if we are infatuated with someone, to us, we truly see them as PERFECT, and they are just like everyone else.  This can happen with either in something, or someone.

Illusions, are important for us to be aware of in life, because they are being used to commit fraud, identity theft, and moral and emotional bankruptcy, and the more realistic we are with ourselves, the more honesty we are exercising within, and the stronger we are in seeing through them, to the bare truth.

Illusions are used today, more than ever with the social media sights.  If someone wished to, they could “create” an identity, use it to lure me into something personal, with manipulation, or perhaps money, which is often the case.  The more “illusions” one has within their life, the less they are in touch with their “self”.

“We may use illusions as a “coping mechanism in order to mislead ourselves”.  Believe me, I have found in life, no matter how painful, the truth is always better from ourselves, and others, even if it is a bit ugly.  Illusions are black and white photos, leaving something to the imagination to add to the scenario within our minds.

Sadly, the Illusionists, often begin to “believe” they are truly the illusion, but that only makes them atone blindly for creating one in the first place.  They lose their own identity, and move toward a belief system of the illusion of PERFECTION, which unfortunately doesn’t exist.  They view themselves in a false light, misleading others along the way while meanwhile, those whom the illusion was presented to, begin to figure this out, thanks to warnings issued about emotional blindness in social media.  It is truly sad for those of us that respect social media and are honest.  Strict laws are being drafted now as I write this, and new applications are already being utilized to catch troller’s.  

Illusions, can be beautiful within nature.  Perhaps, the suns reflection off the water, creates an unusual water color for the ocean sea.  Rainbows are illusions, light refracting off of the sky in prisms of color.  Why should illusions now be more important for us to be aware of than ever?  We don’t want to fall for one in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

There are many more opportunities online for illusions to be created through people, that simply don’t exist.  This is called, trolling, and one can get into serious trouble doing this.  I was shocked to find out some of the prison sentences my son told me about for this.  Emotional pain and suffering, and much more, for the person who was mislead, leading these people right where they belonged. 

You will see a picture on this post, and you must ask yourself what two colors you see.  then ask 3 more people, especially one of the opposite sex.  You will be shocked at your feedback, and I would love to hear your comments, as always…SL

Your “illusions” and creations, I believed,
now I’ve been the one deceived.

We can’t mislead unless we are already lost,
Is illusions of grandeur worth it, any cost?

You see I took you at your word,
But now I see, the truths been heard

For sadly all you have isn’t you,
which is why you need the illusions, to be true…

Find yourself, not in perfection,
believe in yours truly are in the reflection.

The problem lies in what you must see,
Your definition of perfection, you must be..

No illusion of who you think you should be
Look in the mirror it’s the truth they see….SL

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