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Do you view yourself as a person with Intelligence?  I Believe there are 3 TYPES.  Which one are you?

Let us take a look at the Webster Definition of intelligence:  The ability to learn or understand.  The ability to cope with a new situation 2.  News or information  3.  Those engaged in secret military information.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  The ability of an individual, to learn and comprehend information.  2. The ability to assess others personality, and be able to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and their own, accurately concluding this information in their assessment of other individuals as well as themselves.

Intelligence is fascinating! I view it from a very broad perspective, and just yesterday, spent an hour trying to solve a riddle which will be attached to this as the end of the post in case you wish to try solving it.

My son, looked at it, and solved it by studying his computer screen, then coming up with the correct answer which I didn’t fully understand, even though he explained it in great description.  I tried, my mother tried, and had no success.

I have to be honest.  I do think of myself as someone who is somewhat intelligent, but yesterday, I didn’t feel I was that person with intelligence at all.  My son said, after explaining the answer, “Mom, your very intelligent.  There are different kinds of intelligence.  “YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT.”  I thought about this, and came to the following breakdowns for intelligence. Some of us may have one of these.  Some of us may be intelligent in all three areas.  (genius)!

1.  LOGICAL INTELLIGENCE type 1-A form of intelligence seen in the logical individual.  Persons with this type of intelligence tend to think of things, as 1 +1=2.  They don’t wonder past that.  I would look at this too deeply, wondering if the 1, equaled A and the  2, equaled B and 3, equaled C and so on.These individuals sort the  information as they see it.  They are the “Keep it Simple individuals.  They are generally good at things like, patience, fixing things, building things, understanding directions, anything that logic is helpful with, but when trying to explain how they feel, they have serious trouble.  These people can fix anything accept emotional issues with themselves and others.  They almost appear stoic at times, for they appear to be very logistic but have the very same emotions as all of us do.  However, they PROCESS these EMOTIONS differently.

 They are the ones, when you are upset about, losing a job, that explain logically WHY this happened, but they are not able to assess their information with deep feelings and emotions, including yours.  Therefore, we conclude they do not understand us.  they able to stand back and look at the situation, FROM THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN.  (VERY IMPORTANT IN DISTINGUISHING THE 3 DIFFERENT FORMS OF INTELLIGENCE)

They are wonderful at breaking down instructions, and putting anything together, with them, and doing it with accuracy and precision.  These people are scientific and find themselves struggling with religion, for words like faith, and God, and love, cannot be touched tasted, or seen.  They learn through external environments to develop these capacities, but they need to be guided as children to explore art, and science, or religion, instead of it, or be able to combine both in order to comprehend these values.
2.  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE-type 2  A form of intelligence useful in the  overall assessment of individuals and their personalities.  They have good luck in assessing a PERSON, but great skill and accuracy in assessing others in relationships, or others, alone within a very brief time frame.   A common line, used for them, is this:  “I felt, the minute I met them, I didn’t like them, and there was just something,”  “I can’t put my finger on it, but I know that there is something I do not like about him or her.”  They then go on to describe this individual, and are almost always ACCURATE in their assessment of them.

HOWEVER,   Their luck when assessing any person they are in a relationship with, or  a relationship, they are emotionally involved in, their ability to “assess” becomes their biggest weakness.  If they are not, they are so tuned in to others, they can see patterns of behavior, habits of that individual, and have the ability to get their summation accurate 99% of the time, and how they feel, is based on pure instinct, intuition and a sixth sense.  that they can make a very accurate assessment of people, and how they would do in a position of employment, based on this alone.

THEIR EMOTIONS, are their biggest strength, from the OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, OR, their biggest weakness when emotionally attached to that individual or in any of their relationships in which they have an emotional investment.  The 2 types of intelligence are not new words.  WE have heard them before, but what is different, is my assessment of them.  Emotionally intelligent individuals, can be wonderful counselors, Psychologists, and  are good at, assessing or profiling other individuals.  They also have wonderful intuition, sixth senses (they call them) can feel  other’s thoughts with a very good assessment of them, before the other can even voice what they are feeling.  They have great instinct, and insight, IF, THEY ARE ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN.

HOWEVER, unlike the Logically Intelligent individuals, their biggest “STRENGTH” when they are on the “INSIDE LOOKING OUT, becomes their biggest “WEAKNESS.  They make their decisions emotionally and spontaneously, costing them the ability to react to situations in the calm cool manner the other party who is LOGICALLY INTELLIGENT, would like them to, but, the logically intelligent person can calm them down with facts.  They HATE a lack of communication, yet when involved with another emotionally intelligent person like themselves, find, they either fight like cats and dogs or go into the silent treatment with another.  They have wonderful relationships with the individual who can provide the “logic” they are missing.  If they are with one of their own, both of them, end up creating huge conflict in any relationship.  They can have bad, emotional relationships with another where romance is involved, yet, if they did not know the person they were romantically involved with, could tell you almost anything about them!


3.  PSYCHO-LOGICAL INTELLIGENCE type 3-These individuals, are a JACK OF ALL TRADES and can do or solve almost anything.  They also have the capacity to understand how another feels, making them dangerous, or wonderful.  They are commonly sociopaths, or psychopaths, or the best kept secret of MILITARY or CRIMINAL intelligence, because they are able to get inside the mind of another, and play out their actions, before the other acts on them.

These “psychologically intelligent individuals” can quite commonly be narcissists, or, at the very most, demonic, but wonderful individuals, if their external environment growing up, gave them plenty of nurturing and attention, for they are thinking “ALL OF THE TIME”.  Their minds are brilliant, and with this personality type, you find your Genius Individuals, and they can be diabolical or they can be the most comforting individual in dealing with any type of personality and their emotions or thoughts for they know both, and they have sharp INSTINCT, and not only look at 1 + 1 equaling 2, but 1=A, 2=B, ETC.  Their BRILLIANCE  is admirable, but it comes at a cost IF, CHILDHOOD NURTURING IS LOST. 

They are either your biggest ally, or your worst enemy.   They have a hard time with fidelity, or if they meet the right individual, are LOYAL TO A TEE.  This personality type must have the nurturing in order to go from observer, unemotional, and logical, to Involved, and they love a challenge.  IF they were raised in a loving and nurturing way, with this loving example in their childhood.  The key is in the Nurturing  from their parents, especially the mother, in childhood with this personality type, for without this, they are our most dangerous people in society.  Not only do they need nurturing, they need STRUCTURE.

They tend to be extremists in their thinking and beliefs, but, are able to adapt to change faster than either the logically intelligent, or the emotionally intelligent individual.  They are the people others would assess, as being “hard to understand”, Secretive, or OBSERVANT, always, as their minds have no clock that turns them off. They find themselves bored easily, distracted easily but can control both if they make an effort and with to.  They are wonderful and incredibly intelligent individuals, and if nurtured from birth, can be the most sympathetic, and empathetic individuals in the world.  However, Psychologically Intelligent individuals, WITHOUT proper love and attention and nurturing, are our Sociopaths, and Psychopaths, or our SEAL TEAM SIX individuals or FBI Pro fillers .  

They score incredibly high on aptitude tests, and always are at the top of their class in any situation, and will always be your first candidate for any position.  Their affairs, are always in order. They are either WONDERFUL, or EVIL, or observant or involved, and either really warm people or really cold individuals, for they can pinpoint weaknesses faster than either  of the other 2 Intelligence Profiles.

These individuals, know your thoughts before you do and can exercise logic, to know exactly what your looking for, and what to say to get exactly what they want, or NOT to say, if they are NURTURED PSYCHOLOGICALLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE.  THEY CAN SEE FROM THE INSIDE OUT OR THE OUTSIDE IN AND THEIR VISION IS 20/20.

Intelligence, is only ONE part of us.  We are all UNIQUE and beautiful and even super smart in our own way.  This is why when one “assessing ones intelligence” it is very difficult, but I feel these are fairly accurate assessments and I stand behind my words.  I am not sure what my personality type is, or how intelligent I am, just confident in what my purpose is.

I believe in what I write, or would not write it, but do not pretend to be a licensed psychologist or therapist.  I am just a writer, who hopes she can bring enlightenment and beauty and comfort to those that read her words. Everyone has the ability to do this, but the uniqueness in all of us all is found in our ability to place the “WISDOM WITHIN THE WORDS”.  SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it!.

LAST, but certainly not least, I WILL BE RELEASING MY FIRST E-BOOK, very very soon, and it will be available on Amazon.  Excited!  Daily Wisdom Words, Volume1  

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