What does having insight mean?  Is it true some people can really read a person or situation almost instantly?  Before we figure this out, we must look at the definition of insight and its full meaning.

Webster Definition of Insight-The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-A person having the ability to sense another’s needs.  Insight is another wise wisdom word, as it is another gift.  Not many people have the gift of insight.  

Insight is being able to look at a situation, and see the depth in it rather than just the surface.  I also believe insight has merits on wisdom to it.  I think when you can look at a situation, for example an experience, like raising your children, and really grasp the idea that yes, it is true, you will look back on those times and remember them with longing, we would treasure our time in the present, so much more.  

Some people are blessed with a psychic insight.  They for some reason, are able to see a situation, and also see the potential outcomes and what probably will happen that particular event. 

Insight is something I wish I had more of.  I probably would have treasured the memories I was making with my children much more than I did, knowing as the years passed, they wouldn’t need me anymore.  It would become more about their children and that would be wonderful except my daughter, who has my first beautiful grandchild.  I have certain disabilities that will not allow her to relax around he and I and she is overly protective.  Sadly, this has led to contention on my end, and hurt on hers that I don’t understand her protectiveness.

I used to suffer daily with a pain disease, but the pain has reduced itself to a manageable level, and I deliberately got off of all medication during the day, which should have made her more comfortable.  However she does not have the insight to realize just how much hurt and pain she has brought me, due to a lack of wisdom on her part, and of course, her first interest as it should be is the safety of the baby and what she sees as a risk, is not.  

I think she does not have the insight and wisdom to understand that I would never offer to watch the child for even a short period of time, which she is also not comfortable with unless I physically and psychologically could do it.  This has led to distance with my daughter, and sadness on my end as I lived under a false sense of closeness with her when she was younger.  

I find now, she never felt safe around the household due to mistakes I honestly understand that I made during days of heavy pain and the medication to cope with it, because of me.  

Life is never ever perfect.  I have the good fortune of looking back on the times when they were younger from my perspective, and knowing with great insight they were once happy with me.  


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Active Member
@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
1 year ago

You don’t know me as
I shy in my shadows
alone with patterns
my introverted intuition.
I study your feelings, looks
I cannot read your mind
just language, body, eyes
they tell me everything.
I like my alone, music, books,
what you write,
my words to you,
Will you still keep me?

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