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We’ve all felt the rush of inspiration.  Inspiration is the feeling you get when something “moves you emotionally”. 

I have felt inspiration when I’ve read something that I learned from.  I have felt inspiration when I have gone to church, and I have noticed that “inspiration” is directly related to growth and knowledge.

As I have mentioned before, if we are not growing, we are not internally happy.  We must grow emotionally, and if you would like to feel the wonderful, natural high of inspiration, you’ll need to try something new, and different to experience it or it may pass you by and you won’t even recognize the opportunity when its your turn in life because we all get a chance.

Inspiration, is a free miracle with no price tag.  All of us, should feel inspired often, to experience LIFE.

Do you ever feel numb inside?  Do you ever feel that life is simply passing you by?  How about that feeling, of being in a rut, or just experiencing your everyday routine life?

I promise you, if you’ve felt that way, eventually, due to life, which always changes, you will have different opportunities to experience inspiration, naturally, but you must recognize the opportunities to experience this wonderful feeling.

Inspiration can be experienced by simply looking at the face of a child, and seeing the innocence in their eyes and the “hope” they feel, rubbing off on you.  Perhaps reading this post will inspire you.

Either way, if you’ve lost your ability to recognize those small moments of inspiration, perhaps its time to try something new.

Sadly, life is short.  It seems like yesterday, I was in college, or high school, but its 20 years later, and I have no idea where the time has gone.  I myself, have to look for those miracles, but they are there, for us to experience..

We need only open our eyes a little wider, so we see them, because “life without vision, is a blind experience”.  SL

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