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How often have you asked yourself, this:  Am I a person of “integrity”?  First of all, lets look at
the definition, of integrity via
Webster Definition:  Soundness;  “adherence to a code of values”, honesty, utter sincerity, a person of honor.
Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  An unwritten set of rules, naturally followed, and knowing right from wrong, instinctively.
I think these definitions, describe one who is honest and credible and most important, trustworthy.

Look at those definitions.   Where and what are the “code of values” they refer to?

I see…does this mean I can go to the library, and check a book out, titled, ” code of values”?

Absolutely, not, as we all know that is ridiculous!  Integrity, is unique to each of us.  Here is my definition of, Integrity.  “standing by what your beliefs, are, and know when NOT to compromise those beliefs”.

I talked about a previous relationship I had been in, where, slowly, one piece at a time, a small part of me, was taken away, because I began to compromise, my integrity.  I have, a code of values, unique
to me, and when we start to “stray away” from the morals and values, our own personal book, we have written, (we all have one, we’ve written, as individual as our DNA), we begin an eternal battle with ourselves.

When you can’t look at yourself in the mirror, and smile back at who you see, you, have disregarded, in some way, your “integrity”. 

I would like to think I am a person who has integrity.  As I said, however, my definition will be different than yours.  My definition means, “honoring, myself, and what I believe in”, honoring my promises to myself, and others.  “I think it is very important we honor ourselves, like ourselves, love our beauty and our flaws, and in order to do that, you have to be a person of “integrity”.

If you want to be a leader, IE., a leader of a corporation, the President of the United States, or set a wonderful example to your children, loved ones, or anyone, being, “A leader by example”, you first, and foremost, must be a person of integrity.  You, must have your unique book written, with good morals and values, but most importantly, a book that has its own “clear definition” of who and what you believe in, YOU MUST never compromise those CORE beliefs, not to/for ANYONE.  Bottom line:  your own code of ethics that you believe in.  This book should include how you treat others,
and what is acceptable to you, and what is not.

We must always be willing to compromise, in our interpersonal relationships, with one exception:  We should never compromise, our integrity.  To do so, is starting a nuclear war, inside yourself.  Stand by what you believe in, always.

Know what your beliefs are, and every once in a while, ask yourself:  Are you a person, who is a leader, in whatever your life is about with your loved ones, and yourself;  Most importantly, are you a person of honor and integrity?  I believe, with honor and integrity, you are a leader as important as any President, in your own special way.  SL

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