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WHAT is “NEUROSCIENCE”, and why is it important that YOU know about it?  Neuroscience is the wave of the future. Soon, I can assure you, there will most likely be a Neurolaw as well..

What does all this mean to you, and why should you understand it?

Before I delve into this, let us take a look at the meaning of the word, NEUROSCIENCE-, described best in the Wikipedia, and the following is a summation of the definition.

Wikipedia Definition-NEUROSCIENCE- The study of disorders of the nervous system. Psychiatry, is the medicine of the mind, dealing with mental illness in our mind—This includes cognitive, affective, behavioral, cognitive, as well as perception. By Utilizing these tools, we can detect or predict, through new medical research and brain scans and Psychology, and I believe Sociology or, (PSYCHOSOCIOLOGY)  the who/what/why of any disorder, mental or physical and even Psychological.  

Daily Wisdom Word Definition NEUROSCIENCE-OUR wave of the future, that will soon be used, in colleges, high schools, law, (NEUROLAW), to determine who and why and what made us who we are as individuals.  
Studying both Neurology, and Science, and Psychology, to assess one as accurately as were able.

I love this subject.  I have no idea why.  I feel it is a little strange, never having taken one class in medicine, but a lot of classes in Psychology, (No degree, however) that I am so drawn to Neuroscience!, I believe Neuroscience, and what now becomes a daily wisdom word, that I have created, called ( Pyschosociology,) and another word, Neurolaw will all play a large role in our lives, and that of our children’s.

we are well on our way to being able to see what a child should exceed in as a grown up emotionally and what careers to direct their interests in for a future career!  We will also know what areas he will need help in.  We will understand Psychopaths, and their behavior; why they commit these murders, and we get a clear and definitive diagnosis of Schizophrenia within a day or two.  By conducting an EEG or ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM  using electrodes, and a liquid, we drink to light up areas of activity in the brain, we can know more than we know now, using a person’s history and background and all information gleaned from our Neuroscience.

 I believe we should combine them to get the most accurate information possible with my new wisdom word, (Psychosociology) Psychology and Sociology, used together, PSYCHOLOGY=internal and SOCIOLOGY=external, instead of treating them as fields separate and distant from one another.

IT is far more useful to combine them, and use Neuroscience to compliment and add to these two, so we arrive at the exact answers with the directions we have.  Neuroscience and Psychology and Sociology, giving us not only the most accurate directions to follow, to figure out who/what/why of one is, but a map with detailed directions, to lead us there,  Brain scan or PET SCAN..  We will know accurately who is prone to Alzheimer’s Disease, and when we will most likely see its onset, and actual symptoms of it.

I believe within the next ten years, just a we now go for a PHYSICAL Exam every year, we will have a Neuro-exam, once a year as well.

Perhaps I have lost my mind, but I believe what is written, is clearly pointing us in this direction, and when the “Government” can figure out an economical way to employ “Neuroscience”, this will begin to happen.  You will see attorneys using Neurolaw to defend or represent their Clients.

What can our brain and “Neuroscience” tell us today?  The brain, broken down, has several moving parts.  First, let us talk about the frontal lobe of our brains.    One example, the Frontal Lobe or, AMYGDALA.  Have you ever felt Jealous or Angry?  Your frontal lobe is in charge of that.  I am being very primitive in my description.   Primitive activity, is also found in the frontal lobe.  To cover all areas, would lead to a dissertation, so this is one example of what we can tell with the following tests.

Amazingly we have an Electroencephologram Neurologists or Neurosurgeons, can use to see what areas of the brain are activated to determine with open surgery, (OPEN HEAD SURGERY), or PET SCAN what areas to see areas he might need to stay away from, giving him direction.

There is so much information on all of this, and you will begin to see what I have written take place, (I HOPE), in the near future.  WE will know so much about an individual, and we will be able to incorporate psychology, and sociology, to determine, all we need to:  Convict a Criminal, Advance our studies, of Alzheimer’s disease, and lead our child towards what his strengths are, as well as work on his weaknesses, which I prefer to call, Challenges in Life.

Do you remember Stephen Hawkins?  He is still alive today with his illness due to advancing technology and something else we cannot explain, and it is THIS that I believe keeps him alive. as other’s die decades before him with the same disease.

When we lose usage of one part of our brain, we are thought to  “compensate” our losses by redirection inducted from another area, by our brain actually remapping or redirecting itself, to another. and this is called, Neuroplasticity.

Why am I writing on this daily wisdom word today?  I have finally found the courage, and the right investor, through all my readers, to publish my first book, called “Daily Wisdom Words”  Volume 1, which should be released in the very near future, and I want this wisdom word to be my last entry. First, the book will be available as an e-book and then a hardback, if your a book collector, or love a personal library like me.

I believe, something completely different as well, about our brains, and who we are.  I believe in our spirit, our determination, and our souls, and self-discipline and OUR HEARTS.  I believe that we all can overcome anything, and  be a “LEGEND” IN OUR OWN RIGHT”, to ourselves and others, by utilizing these skills, which I can’t map out.  I can’t explain with logical answers, the spirit, soul, determination, and neither can any of those other sciences, for this is GOD GIVEN, and we all leave a history when we die, with a past, and we are all amazingly beautiful….

What makes some people survive cancer, at Stage 1V, and others die?  Could it be that God did in fact combine science and soul to give us all we need to be, “Perfectly Imperfect”?  We are all stronger than we realize, and when there is something within us required, and when we feel we can’t find it within, next, we have found it, and succeed in our own right, making us all a “star” in life by being PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, and a LEGEND, in our own right.  We all leave a history, and knowledge, we add to this world, and we don’t even KNOW we have left behind.  This is truly our own, “Wisdom within OUR Words.”  SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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