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INTERPRETATIONS                                   “COMMUNICATION SEGMENT, PART 1 OF 3”

SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION AFFECTS EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIFE.   I FEEL IT IS IMPORTANT TO TALK A BIT OVER THE NEXT THREE WEEKS ABOUT HOW WE CAN IMPROVE OUR COMMUNICATION.  Communication is often based on not just one given thing.  Today our daily wisdom word is interpretation.  To start off, let us take a look at interpretation in our Webster Dictionary.  

Webster Definition of interpretation-1.  The act of explaining the meaning of something.  2.  an explanation or way of explaining.  3.  A stylistic representation of creative work or dramatic role. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of ‘interpretation”-1.  How well communication is absorbed by the person we are communicating with.  the ability of a message to be absorbed. by the person, we are communicating with.  

Communication must be strong and clear.  Disinformation is communication at its worst.  Communication should be delivered in a way that the person receiving any kind of information is able to interpret clearly and concisely.  Interpreting a message from someone who passes it along correctly is communication at its finest

Why is it so important to deliver our message to our audience appropriately?  With so much diversity and interpretation available, the technical information we are conveying in a message whether verbal or written our message must be prioritized.  My question to you is what you see is the most effective way to transfer your message from yourself to another party?  One way we can get our message across effectively is to communicate briefly with this person prior to passing on any communication.  One way we can do this is by spending some time with the person, asking how they receive information best.   We can ask them how familiar they are with whatever the topic is we are wishing to convey. An example of this would be to ask how one receives information.  Do they watch the news?  Are they on top of every aspect of what we are going to communicate with them or if this information is new?  Do they understand and comprehend information best when reading it or do they understand a message conveyed verbally better?

Part of great communication is educating yourself with the knowledge of how one absorbs your transfer of information or your message best and tailoring your communication into that style of communicating.   Great communication doesn’t just occur naturally for 90% of us.  Great communication is realizing others interpret information best in different ways depending on who we communicate with.  If our “message” of communication is important, it becomes part of our responsibility to communicate our message effectively if we wish others to understand it.  This starts with finding out how our audience best interprets our message and communicating in the most effective way possible.  Great communicators are adaptable and take the time to understand how and what they can do to make sure their message is conveyed effectively.  We practice communication daily in various roles ad if we want this message absorbed best, we take the time to know how our audience is most likely to interpret it.  We have a responsibility to get our message across to many different individuals and we must be flexible with how we deliver our message to be our most effective.  One way we do this is by anticipating how our audience will interpret communication best and molding how we deliver our message in a group setting or individual setting so our communication is tailored best to our audience and their reception of this information interpreted best.  thanks so much for reading.  Samantha LeBeouf/Dailywisdomwords.com.


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