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Is the sun a star by Abuh Monday Eneojo

Is the sun a star by Abuh Monday Eneojo

The moon is light but the sun shines.

Abuh Monday Eneojo


You may want to put the aforementioned question in perspective due to its relative nature so you don’t get a loosed conclusion.

Is the sun a star?

The question came to me this morning and I wasn’t quick to answer the question.

If you ask me, I will without hesitation tell you yes but what you may not know are my reasons.


Stars beautify the firmament. They are different things to different people based on function. Some people study them to tell you what is to come and like sailors, find there way back to land.

If we should go by a story in the Holy Bible, the story of the birth of Jesus which to me is not really out of context in this case, a clear picture of how a star was used as a map will find us a place in the land of understanding this article.

The wise men, three of them, were directed by a star. Now back to the question. Is the sun a star?

At this point, you may already know my reasons but I have a feeling that what you know is a bit a hazy and you just want to go pass what you know to what I think I know. Is it?

Yes. It is a star of day. When it gets tired it withdraws gently into the sea and hands over to little balls and of course, the moon.

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