Lessons are checkpoints in life that allow us to either learn from or ignore.


Let’s take a look at lessons in The Webster Dictionary-An instructive example (partial)


Lessons are things we learn in life when we decide to learn from a specific example. Lessons are taught or instructions given through events that happen in life. We can choose to learn from them or we can choose to ignore them and God will bring back the example he is wanting you to learn from in an even stronger message.


Lessons are necessary in life to grow as individuals. If we did not make mistakes, there would not be lessons to learn from . Lessons are only created when we have made a mistake and we recognize it as such.


Lessons are as basic as a child accidentally getting burned on a stove, and knowing after that never to touch the stove again, but some lessons are not quite so outlined and direct. Some lessons are subtle, but tend to happen over and over again in stronger methods of communication to the individual needing to learn the lesson. Sometimes we hang onto things that it is clearly time to let go of, or the lesson actually is to hang in there through tough times to become a stronger individual.


Nothing in life is ever guaranteed. There are things we “expect” to be so in life, but can’t control because other people are involved in controlling the outcome. Sometimes this is the lesson itself. A person learning that they are far from in control of a situation and if they wish to be, they need to get to a more independent place to learn what it is they need to learn at that point in their lives.


Thank you for reading Daily Wisdom Words today and about lessons. ” a lesson learned is an honor learned”.


Samantha LeBoeuf


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Samantha (@guest_60)
2 years ago

Excellent! Poem

Samantha (@guest_59)
2 years ago


Sheila McGilll (@guest_58)
2 years ago

Lessons … No matter how bad today is, keep going.

Dark pushed me so deep,
But, Sun’s glimmer followed me,
Her dawn pulled me up.

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