The Daily Wisdom Word today is Mirrors. Mirrors are fronts we put on as individuals that show others only what we want to really reveal about ourselves.


Let us take a look at Mirrors in our Webster Dictionary-Mirrors-1. A polished or smooth surface that shows images by reflection. 2. “a true representation.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1. the outside surface of ourselves that shows the reflection of what we want people to see. 2. The image showing we allow others to look into.


Mirrors hide many things. We have battle scars throughout our lives and mirrors being our preferred reflection, don’t show them. What do we see when we look at someone for the first time and are just being introduced to them? We see exactly what they want us to see and nothing else.


Mirrors are reflections Outward of our inward selves. It is sad we all have to have mirrors, but not many people reveal all of the depth and pain of who they are when you first meet them. That takes time and it takes trust. Then, we still have to ask ourselves the underlying question of how well do we ever really know someone? I want to let you know that mirrors are something we all have, so you needn’t feel embarrassed if you have them too.


We don’t completely show who we are to all people out of the fear of getting hurt. Hurt from others, the pain they might cause us if we were to know them better, so it is easier to show reflections of ourselves in the beginning of a relationship.


Fortunately all glass eventually breaks, and so do the mirrors of our soul and as those mirrors break off, the little pieces we have shown the person we are beginning to know, surface and dissolve over time. Do you have a large mirror over who you are? I would call myself an outgoing person, but like everyone else, when I first meet someone I only reflect the best side of who I am and keep the pain and hurts throughout life I have been through to myself.


You may want to ask yourself what it really does accomplish keeping so many mirrors up in the first place? Eventually, you will let them down and when you do, if that person does not like who your persona is then you really don’t need to have them as an aquaintance to begin with.


Think about what I said today and ask yourself how many mirrors you put up to hide who you really are. Poetry, when we write it, shows and bears our souls anyway so how much are we really hiding?


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Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful and blessed day. As most of you know, I don’t write on Sunday and with Monday being a holiday, I won’t write on that day most likely as I have company in from out of town.


Thank You,

Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader


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