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Many schools have moved away from teaching literature in elementary schools through high school because the education system doesn’t feel like it is as important as it once was.  Educators and their curriculum barely touch on literature in English, but there are still very good reasons to integrate more studies focused on literature within English.  Let us take a look at the meaning of literature in our Webster Dictionary. 

Literature-1. Written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.  2.  books and writings published on a particular subject. Daily wisdom word meaning. 

Daily Wisdom Word meaning-1.  1.  a subject taught in a mixture of English and history teaching us the value of our heritage and fundamentals of creativity with words. 

This is a subject very important to me based on my interaction with authors and poets and one of the main reasons I started the website, daily wisdom words.  What does literature offer students today?  Literature has the capacity to broaden a child’s horizons by helping them to appreciate their culture and heritage.  Literature promotes creativity in a child by letting them see the beauty of words and how famous writers have and do use them.  Since literature is integrated into our standard  IQ test, and part of how we score one way of judging intelligence, It ought to be taught within mainstream education as it once was. 

Not only does literature promote creativity and imagination, but it also helps develop an interest in words themselves.  Poetry and past renowned authors show children and teens another outlet of communication and its importance.  How does one find out they have a passion to write a book or poetry?  I  believe literature being taught in our schools through our English courses and even modern literature helps encourage writers all over this world.  If literature wasn’t taught in a basic curriculum program throughout our education, we would find those famous writers might be a thing of the past. 

Words and their meaning held us learn the importance of articulation and differences in words that sound alike, for example, “too or two”, but their definition.  Without teaching this in our education system and encouragement of literature’s importance, our youth cannot and does not learn the value of words, communicating properly with them and their different meanings. 

Picture an interview years later without the base of literature and its education.  The candidate looking for a job is judged not only on nonverbal cues but verbal ones.  A strong base in literature is a stepping stone to the future and new authors and poets who will in the future be famous in history.  Dailywisdomwords.com is dedicated to donating to UNICEF for children because a portion of the money is used towards education.  This is why we have daily poetry and writer’s prompts, discounted book reviews, “Wise Poets and Authors of Past and Present” by our writer each week by Shirley Mandel Satterfield, uplifting articles promoting the value of words, their use and meaning, and counseling encouraging the fundamentals and value of communication,

The entire website is based on the importance of literature.  If you write anything based on integrated creativity, you need to be a part of this writer’s website which is just $10 for a lifetime membership.  If you are not a writer, please donate to the importance of this website and writing skills taught well.  thanks so much, Samantha Leboeuf/dailywisdomwords.com. SIGN UP NOW BY VISITING OUR WEBSITE!

reference article used for ideas to write this:  https://www.luther.edu/oneota-reading-journal/archive/2012/the-value-of-childrens-literature/

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The Daily Wisdom Words team would like to issue a correction to the previous announcement. We will not be shutting down the website. There was a miscommunication with our technical support team. The community cultivated on our site means the world to us. We apologize for any misunderstandings.

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