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DO YOU EVER GET LOST AS YOU FOLLOW LIFE’S JOURNEY?  LIFE IS FULL OF CHOICES AND WHEN WE TAKE A CHANCE, WE SOMETIMES LOSE.  WE GET lost on our way sometimes.  We all get lost navigating through life. This is temporary unless we decide to ignore life’s signs.  It isn’t easy when we realize we are lost; Not mentally, physically or psychologically.  When this happens it is so important to remember that fear can cause misdirection and cost us any choice to have a chance.  We lose things, loved ones, hurting and suffering.  We even get lost to our grief sometimes.    We are all connected, and one thing we can always know is we are not alone when we get lost.  Other’s get lost along the way.  They realize that someone else is hurting in the role they play in the mutual loved one we lost in life.  

I know I write a lot about my little sister, Jenny.  She had so many gifts, but I spent too much time trying to gain the knowledge she seemed to be born with.  One day we all get lost on the leading path.  We feel pain and hurt when we are lost.  Feeling lost is a scary story that tells its own ending unless we figure out the right path. This is why God gives us an internal compass and map (instinct and intuition) to work with.  These items represent a guiding light we choose to follow footsteps left behind when we look for them. If we are alert, you are able to find a specific direction.  Have faith when life is down, depressing and when we have faith, we come in many forms. We finally know which way to go.  We know the exact corners to turn, doors to open, and miles to walk.  We all have many destinations but just one way it will end. 

We will always be lost in one form or the other, until we learn the lessons taught in our life.  Each experience we have is a new road. Getting lost, no matter how clear the past means we  are not paying attention to signs.  Every highway, or paved road is a road once shared with others.  When we pray we are looking for the bigger picture or platform almost always ask for guidance, and direction when we are lost.  Let us take a look at the word “lost” in the Webster Definition-unable to find one’s way. 

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Lost-1.  Taking a path of unintended consequences or nor being able to find our way in life.  You need to watch for the signs or fine-tune your radio. Being lost is scary, and to get lost, we did have to take a chance.  Taking chances may mean we get hurt along the way, but this may be necessary.  We have to make mistakes to begin with to learn from them. Samantha LeBoeuf/dailywisdomwords.com

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